Unique front door ideas

Front door ideas: coloured comoposite doors by Hurst (moss green, heather, turquoise, ice blue).What does your front door say about you? If you have a white plastic front door, the answer is “nothing”. Not only is white uPVC unremarkable, but it appears on every street in the UK several times over.

Your front door is the entrance to your home. In the same way we judge a book by its cover, so to do we judge homes based on their exterior.

Now more than ever, our customers are requesting bright colours, bold hardware and stained glass panels. And with so many options available, it’s possible to create a door that’s unique to you. Here’s how you can inject some personality into your home with some front door ideas.

Bright, bold door colours

White, red, green, black. Even as recently as 10 years ago these were the only composite door colours available. Thankfully times have changed!

With so many colour options, you can afford to be creative with your new front door. Currently, there is a high demand for grey, mint green, coral and light blue door tones, but bright yellows and purples are also popular.

Whether you choose a traditional timber door or a composite door, you have an unlimited choice of RAL, British Standard and paint colours. We guarantee an exact colour match and a smooth finish with our state-of-the-art spraying equipment.

Bespoke glass designs

Create a statement with a glass panel. Diamonds, rectangles, squares, semi-circles – the choice of glazed shapes is limitless. There is also a huge range of glass designs, including highly durable triple glazed panels with obscure glass backing.

Alternatively, give your new doors a unique touch with a personalised digital glass printing. Just provide us with an image – such as a pet or country scene – for a door unique to you.

Statement hardware pieces

Mix and match door handles, locks, letterplates and knockers to give your front door a funky design. Choose traditional, cast-iron hardware for an old-school look, or why not try our newest range of ‘Bohemia’ hardware for a smooth, brushed chrome finish.

Timber and composite doors from Premier

We only install the highest quality timber doors and composite doors. Both are extremely stylish and have a more appealing texture and appearance than white plastic panel doors.

Both our timber and fibreglass-coated composite doors are sprayed with UV-stable paint, which is extremely colourfast . Also, ask us about our colour spraying services for matching window frames and a colour-coordinated exterior.

If you’re looking for someone who can give you more front door ideas or turn your dream door into a reality, then get in touch with Premier today.