Front door styles, colours and trends for 2014

A home is not just for living in any more. As a nation, we take pride in our homes beyond a tidy exterior and a well-designed interior. Alongside neighbour envy and our love for home improvement programmes, the rise in internet and social media has shown us just what we could have.

Beautiful, bespoke front doors are just as much on our wish list as colour-coordinated interior décor. Demand for the most popular door styles and trends is booming, and colour is no longer limited to inside. So what are the latest trends in door design for 2014?

Black front door: composite cottage door with diamond pane

Front door trends

Shiny plastic panelled doors and frames are becoming outmoded. Instead, no matter which door material or colour you choose, real timber or wood grain effect moulding will give your new door a more authentic, rustic look.

Smooth, matte composite doors are also popular. With quirky geometric glass shapes and architectural hardware, our Bohemia range is both futuristic and reminiscent of Art Deco design.


Red front door: composite stable door where both halves open

Front door styles

Moulded door panels for composites have remained popular in certain styles. But 2014 marks the return of the timber front door. Popular door styles include vertical lines to replicate traditional joinery, stained glass panels and top lights, and stable doors.

Stable doors can separate so that only the top half opens – ideal for greeting postmen and letting in air without pets escaping. These doors are more popular than ever due to their weathertightness and secure design.


Purple front door: composite door with glazed panels in geometric patterns

Front door colours

Demand for white front doors has diminished. Instead, other classic colours such as cream or black doors are back in vogue. Modern additions to our composite range have also proved popular, including Dusty Grey, Purple Violet and Pastel Blue.

Our timber and composite doors can be colour-matched to RAL, British Standard and Pantone palettes, plus tones by major paint manufacturers. With a rainbow of colours available, more homeowners than ever are creating unique doors with bold colours.


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