Glazing Options

Choose from a wide variety of glazing options at Premier Windows to improve energy efficiency, maintain privacy or to keep the original appearance of your home, such as windows in heritage buildings or conservation areas.

Double glazed windows

There are lots of benefits to upgrading to, or replacing old, double glazing. The main one is a warmer home at a lower cost, as double glazed windows improve thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss, helping lower your heating consumption. Other benefits include less condensation and better insulation against unwanted outside noise.

Slimline double glazed windows

Where regular double glazing is not allowed, for example in conservation area properties, our slimline double glazing works just the same as standard double glazing but is more in fitting with traditional timber window appearances. This means you can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home without sacrificing the original features of your home.

Triple glazed windows

Adding an extra pane of glass to new windows takes energy efficiency to the next level. Triple glazing offers high thermal insulation, as well as creating a peaceful interior even if you live by a busy road or on a flight path. All our casement windows and most door styles are available with triple glazing option – please enquire for more details.

Obscure glass

Obscure glass can be used to maintain privacy in your home or to match existing glass patterns when replacing your windows. The most common use for obscure glass is for bathroom windows but with different levels of obscurity available our pretty glass patterns will look good anywhere in your home.

The Pilkington range of premium obscure glass

Warwick glazing optionWarwick

Stippolyte glazing optionStippolyte

Autumn glazing optionAutumn

Minster glazing optionMinster

Cotswold glazing optionCotswold

Teffeta glazing optionTeffeta

Charcoal sticks glazing optionCharcoal Sticks

Contora glazing optionContora

Digital glazing optionDigital

Everglade glazing optionEverglade

Florielle glazing optionFlorielle

Oak glazing optionOak

Pererine glazing optionPererine

Mayflower glazing optionMayflower

Chantilly glazing optionChantilly

Premium collection obscure glass

There are 15 standard options in our obscure glass range but for something extra special our premium collection has a further 9 options for you to choose from. If outside noise is a nuisance, upgrade to our acoustic laminate glass option to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful home to relax in.

The Pilkington range of obscure glass

Oriel Texture Laurel glazing optionOriel Texture Laurel

Oriel Laurel glazing optionOriel Laurel

Oriel Coppice glazing optionOriel Coppice

Oriel Texture Coppice glazing optionOriel Texture Coppice

Oriel Brocade glazing optionOriel Brocade

Oriel Texture Brocade glazing optionOriel Texture Brocade

Oriel Canterbury glazing optionOriel Canterbury

Oriel Texture Canterbury glazing optionOriel Texture Canterbury

Sandblast premium glazing optionSandblast

Energy ratings

All of our double glazed windows are ‘A’ rated as standard. ‘A’ energy rated windows are very energy efficient, helping bring your energy costs down whilst making your home warmer during the colder, winter months.

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