Premium Replacement Windows That Are Highly Desirable



If you are someone that has not paid particularly-much attention to the world of home improvements, it is understandable that your knowledge of window styles is relatively limited. Whilst you may be able to identify, for instance, the difference between wooden windows and those made from uPVC, this might be the full extent of your comprehension. When you come to Premier WIndows, you have the chance to collaborate with a first-class retailer. As such, we are glad to be able to shed some light on the replacement styles that might be right for you.


Residence 9

Easily the newest and most innovative style to feature on this list, we recognise that few individuals outside of this industry will have any prior-contact with Residence 9 windows. Much time and effort has been spent in refining the designs of these products – however, the final outcome is one which will leave you beaming from ear-to-ear. In essence, these look to combine the structural integrity displayed by uPVC units, with the top-tier aesthetics which are associated with timber. Though the price-tag may seem a little steep, we assure you that you will not regret your investment.



uPVC Options

Most homeowners would agree that the most accessible windows which currently feature on the market, and those which represent a safe option, are those which are constructed from uPVC. This synthetic material is designed to be long-lasting, ensuring that you won’t need to source a replacement anytime in the near future. Within this collection, you have the choice between casement and sash. Whilst the sash style is relatively conventional and neutral, casements are excellent for those of you that are trying to conform to the minimalism trend.



Traditional Timber


Should you currently live in a property that was built many years ago, you may not wish to deviate too far away from the original style. Whilst some of you may regard this to be an impossible challenge, we are pleased to inform you that it is not as difficult as you think. Most retailers which look to be successful in this industry still regularly upgrade their stock of timber windows, as they are ideal for anyone that enjoys traditionalist designs. It is important to note that despite their rustic appearance, they are still high-quality from a thermal efficiency point of view.


Glazing Variations


Once you have determined the style of frame that you wish to opt for, the next decision which you need to make is in relation to the type of glazing that you want. Double-glazing has, over the past few years, become the standard model that most look for. However, triple-glazing represents a step up from this, both in terms of insulating potential and security capabilities. If you are looking to improve your level of privacy, it might be that you want to install obscure glass instead.



Need Some Assistance?


When it comes to sourcing a firm in the UK which is in possession of a vast-array of windows and doors, manufactured to the highest order, there is only one name that you need to be familiar with. To us here at Premier Windows, it does not matter if you find the durability of casement windows desirable, or think that a wooden window frame would be an ideal addition to your property. We have always devoted ourselves to achieving total satisfaction for our clients, and we are pleased to report that we have no issues in regularly accomplishing this.

Aside from the incredible array that we have in terms of types of windows, and the proficiency in which we get windows installed, much has also been made of our customer service. Why not visit our website’s contact page today, and choose your preferred method from those provided? We would love to discuss the ways that we can upgrade your existing window set-up.