Would Sash Windows Transform Your Home?


If you have completed any amount of research into the styles of windows which are currently circulating on the market, you will no-doubt already be well-aware of the wide-variety that you can choose from. Some people will argue that from an aesthetic standpoint, nothing is able to beat timber. Others are firm advocates that uPVC is the way to go. Here at Premier Windows, we have a different view – regardless of the material, it is sash windows that represent the best choice. You can find our reasoning on the matter down below.

Low-Maintenance Option

Though it may not be something that you are giving much thought to, the chances are that you will not want to purchase windows which require attentive maintenance all-year-round. Thankfully, this is not an obstacle that you will encounter when you have sash windows installed. These units have been designed so that they can be cleaned extremely quickly, and do not need much in the way of servicing. Should you be someone that appreciates the simple things in life, this is the course of action to take.



Reduced Environmental Impact

As you may have noticed, during the twenty-first century there has been a conscious effort made to try and reduce the harmful impact that we, as a species, have on the environment. Should you be determined to be part of the solution, it may be worthwhile purchasing a set of top-tier sash windows. Timber sash windows are always sourced from sustainable locations, using harvesting methods which do not adversely affect the forests. This, coupled with the fact that the products can be recycled when the time comes for them to be replaced, ensures that your carbon footprint can be kept to a minimum.

High-Class Visuals

Understandably, when you are looking to invest significant sums of money into replacement windows, you will want them to be flawless from a visual perspective. If you purchase double-glazed windows that come in a sash style, the end result is one that you will have no complaints about. Available in countless different colours, you can easily put your own creative stamp on your property. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd, or blend into the background, you can be sure that you won’t be left dissatisfied.

Ability To Insulate

Although this is a point that can be made about the majority of windows which are manufactured in this day-and-age, it can be seen more clearly with sash windows. For those of you that live in a property that regularly falls below what is regarded to be a ‘comfortable’ temperature, you may be surprised to learn that sash windows are adept at insulating. Due to the tightly-knit fibres that can be found in the design, you no longer have to worry about thermal energy seeping out with ease.

Want To Find Out More?

Have you been spending hours-upon-hours scouring the Internet for a company that can offer sash windows in Lewisham, but have been unable to find one that lives up to your high-standards? Do you have the feeling that your property could benefit immeasurably from the installation of sliding sash windows with double-glazing, and want to push forward with a purchase? In instances such as these, you would be hard-pressed to find a better company to assist you than Premier Windows.

When it comes to windows and doors suppliers in Lewisham and the surrounding areas, few could hope to match the extensive nature of our catalogue. Not only this, but we are adept at providing first-class customer service. Case-and-point, if you need any information regarding the energy efficiency of our products, feel free to direct your queries to us by calling 020 8683 4446. We will gladly answer any-and-all questions that you may have.