uPVC – Everything you need to know about this timber alternative for Doors and Windows

Thinking of Buying Wood or uPVC Windows?

Have you recently come to the conclusion that the state of your windows is not at a level that you would deem to be acceptable, and think that buying replacements would be money well-spent? Are you having a hard time making a decision as to whether it is wood or uPVC windows that would fit seamlessly into your property’s exterior decor? 

If you can relate to either of the aforementioned scenarios, Premier Windows is here to help. Since opening our doors to the public, we have been blessed with a steady stream of customers, each of which has been delighted by the products that we have supplied them with. If you are based in-or-around London and need a brand-new set of windows, it might be time to reach out to one of our representatives via the contact form on our website.

Who Are We?

At this point in time, you will no doubt be focussing on trying to make a decision in regards to whether wood or uPVC windows are the best options for your home. Prior to this, however, you should look at sparing a thought for choosing a retailer to do business with. With so many firms vying for your attention, it is natural that you will start to feel somewhat overwhelmed. 

Once you start to see what Premier Windows brings to the table, we are confident that you will be more than happy to solicit our services. With seemingly-endless products from which to choose, all of which are first-class from a quality standpoint, it won’t be too difficult for us to satisfy your needs. 

Why not spend some time reading over our Checkatrade testimonials, and see what our previous customers have to say?

Strengths of Wooden Windows

When you are weighing up the pros and cons of wooden and uPVC windows, it is important that you appreciate what makes each of them special. In regards to timber models, arguably the first thing that will be apparent is the finessed visuals that they possess. There is a certain elegance with these windows that cannot be ignored – they will provide an instant boost to your property’s aesthetics. If this isn’t enough to convince you to place an order with Premier Windows, the fact that they are capable of lasting for years without the need for maintenance should be rather enticing.

 What About uPVC?

Now that touched upon the not-inconsiderable number of positives that can be attributed to wooden windows, it is time to discuss the unique aspects of their uPVC counterparts. After all, it would be impossible to make a judgement between wood and uPVC windows without learning about both sides. In case you didn’t know, this is a synthetic material that is consistently praised for its insulating capabilities; you can expect these installations to have a fantastic impact on your heating bills. Aside from this, these windows can be manufactured with ease, meaning that they do not cost much to purchase. If this sounds appealing to you, you can rest assured that Premier Windows can leave you with a first-class outcome.

uPVC Windows: Dispelling The Myths & Rumours

Despite having been around for quite some time now, people are still wary when they see uPVC windows for sale. Part of the reason for this is that homeowners are accustomed to timber windows, and are unsure as to whether or not they want to make the switch. Unfortunately, there are numerous rumours in circulation about these products, all of which serve to damage their reputation. Here to set the record straight, and hopefully convince you that they would make for a wonderful addition to your property, are the Premier Windows specialists.

The material isn’t environmentally friendly

Due to the fact that uPVC is a type of synthetic plastic, people automatically make the assumption that windows that are made from this material are not in-line with the eco-friendly way of thinking. This could not be further from the truth; if you were to speak to any retailer that offers a range of high-quality uPVC windows, they will tell you that when they come to the end of their lifespan, they can easily be recycled. Should you be at all concerned about your carbon footprint, you don’t need to worry about your new uPVC units negatively impacting this.


They’re unappealing to look at.

What many homeowners fail to realise is that there are numerous window styles that can be purchased when you are browsing through uPVC ranges. The deciding factor on whether or not they will look first-class is the supplier that you turn to for assistance. If they are renowned for facilitating home improvements, you should have no trouble finding a set of windows that upgrade your property’s exterior aesthetics to new heights.

They’ll need replacing in a few years

Arguably one of the most damaging misconceptions associated with uPVC windows is in relation to how long they will last. When you are trying to come to a decision on which windows to buy, the likelihood is that you will be focussing on thermal efficiency and whether or not they are considered to be ‘high-security’. To those of you that are worried that you’ll find yourself in the same position a few years down the line, allow us to put your fears to bed. uPVC is renowned for its durability, meaning that regardless of if you opt for sash windows or casement windows, your investment will be well-founded.  

They’ll force you to empty your bank account

If you are contemplating the possibility of purchasing uPVC windows, but have been hesitant to push forward because you are nervous about the impact that it can have on your bank account, you will undoubtedly be thrilled to learn that these are a cost-effective option. Usually, you will find that these units are equipped with double-glazing. The reason that we point this out is that the high-performance nature of these products ensures that your home has a positive energy rating, which can save you money further down the line.

How Can We Help?

When you are after uPVC windows in London, you are blessed with a wide array of options – with so many companies that profess to offer windows and doors, you are somewhat spoilt for choice. That being said, if you wish for your London home to both look fantastic, as well as be functionally sound, the firm that you need to entrust with your needs is Premier Windows. Would you be interested in soliciting our services, but would first like a free quote for our products? To get in touch with a member of our excellent support team, who will gladly answer any questions that you might have, all you need to do is call us on 020 8683 4446. 


Can uPVC Windows Remain Best-Sellers today?

Over the years, it has become clear that the number of materials that can be used to construct high-quality windows is only going to increase. Previously, it was timber models that were considered to be all the rage – they were appealing to look at and carried a number of hidden benefits with them. Recently, the market has been shaken up by the introduction of double-glazed windows that featured a uPVC frame. 

Currently, there is much debate surrounding whether or not uPVC windows are going to continue their upwards trajectory going forward. Here at Premier Windows, we firmly believe that these products are going to go from strength to strength, and are thrilled to explain why we think this is the case. 

Structurally Sound

If you are looking for a simple way in which to inject some durability into your home, one of the first actions that you should consider taking is to purchase a set of uPVC windows. This type of synthetic material is imbued with a level of strength that you wouldn’t believe. Impervious to the outside elements, you won’t need to contemplate sourcing a set of replacements anytime soon – these will last for years without too much trouble. 


In case you weren’t already aware, living in a property that has a poor energy rating will almost certainly lead to you paying more for your heating bills. This is particularly evident in winter – from the moment that the external temperature drops, you will notice a decline in the comfortableness of your living conditions. Thankfully, this can be rectified by installing top-of-the-range uPVC windows. These have proven time and again to be excellent insulators, ensuring that you can remain toasty and warm towards the tail-end of the year, without having to rely excessively on your central heating system.

Your windows need to be a good insulator, to keep your heat in and the noise out. If you have a young family, then you’ll want to make sure that your home is properly insulated and uPVC is the best choice for that. Other materials are good for insulation, but uPVC is one of the best, especially as it’s one of the best materials for double and triple glazing. Not only will this make your home a more enjoyable place to be, but it will also make sure that your heating bill is as low as possible, which is important for all of our customers.

Affordable Option

It is at this point that we would like to highlight the fact that you do not have to break the bank in order to afford a high-quality set of uPVC windows. These are mass-produced with ease, which has the subsequent effect of keeping the cost of units down. That being said, you should not let this impact your thoughts on these incredible products – despite their low price tag, they are still considered to be a highly-desirable commodity.

Windows aren’t something that you want to skimp on, but that doesn’t mean that you need to have an unlimited budget and uPVC windows are a great, cost-saving option. uPVC is a form of plastic that will still look great, without costing anywhere near as much as timber or aluminium. It’s important to note that they probably won’t last as long as other window materials but if you’re looking for a fast and affordable window, then you should consider uPVC. As a result, they’re particularly an effective choice for those renovating a whole house, leaving a small budget for your windows, or if you’re unexpectedly needing to replace your windows.

Easy to Pair

Exterior design is something that more-and-more homeowners are becoming interested in; people are realising that their money can be well-spent on such home improvements as French doors and aesthetically pleasing front doors. If you have recently purchased either of these, it should be a relief to learn that these can be combined with uPVC windows to great effect. For example, if you were to invest in a composite door that is made entirely out of timber, the prominent nature of uPVC window frames will complement the natural effect of your door.

Are uPVC Windows and Doors Investments Worth Making?

Within the world of home improvements, it is fair to say that you are spoilt for choice in terms of where to spend your money. Some people will argue that your interior design should be your primary focus, and there is certainly much to be said about this. Speak to anyone at Premier Windows, however, and they would tell you that your first point-of-call should be your windows and doors. More specifically, we feel that you need to try and take advantage of everything that uPVC has to offer.

Improved Security

Whilst keeping an eye out for replacement doors or windows, you need to contemplate the impact that they will have on your home’s overall security. It is true that a lot of this is down to the locking mechanisms that are fitted. However, you should also appreciate that uPVC is a material that is routinely praised for its incredible durability. Those of you that want to safeguard your home’s from being targeted by criminals should certainly consider buying either composite doors or double-glazed windows manufactured entirely from uPVC.

Fire-Prevention Measure

As a homeowner, it is only natural that you will want to try and reduce the likelihood of a fire spreading throughout your property. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, particularly when you consider the number of flammable materials that are found within your home. Thankfully, amongst other things, uPVC is renowned for its imperviousness to fire. This means that, once fitted, your uPVC windows and doors will be excellent at helping to prevent a blaze from developing. This alone should be enough to convince you of their usefulness.

Recoupable Investment

There are, to put it simply, two ways in which uPVC windows and doors earn their label as being cost-effective. First and foremost, they will improve your home’s energy efficiency – the knock-on effect of this is that you won’t have to worry about your heating bills rising to astronomical levels when the outside temperature begins to drop. More important, however, is the desirable nature of these units. When you list your property for sale, make sure to highlight your new uPVC features. Whether it is external doors or bedroom windows, you will see a rise in your home’s value as a result.

Weather-Resistant Option

Across the board, you will find dozens of materials that are considered to be ‘best-suited’ for use around your home. Trying to determine what you would like your windows and doors to be constructed from is not an easy task. A deciding factor that you should be mindful of is how well they are able to deal with the effects of the weather. In the UK, we are prone to experiencing long spells of wind and rain. When you are blessed with uPVC features, you can sleep easily at night, knowing that your investments will stand strong. 

Our Work Explained

When you are trying to select which brand-new windows and doors you are going to purchase, there are a number of considerations that you have to keep in mind. The age of your property, for example, has a huge part to play – you certainly wouldn’t elect to put uPVC upgrades onto a house that has been standing for almost a century. 

However, if your home is on the contemporary side of things, uPVC as a material could be the one for you. If you feel the same way, it could be that you want to enlist the help of the Premier Windows team. To gain a better feel for the products that we can provide, or simply get a quote for our high-end units, please don’t hesitate to ring our support specialists directly on 020 8683 4446.  

Why is uPVC an Ideal Material for Windows?

When you’re looking for replacement windows you’re met with all sorts of different ideas, styles and materials. Materials, in particular, can be difficult to navigate, especially as a quick internet search will only tell you that all the materials are great and way better than the other materials available, leaving you unsure and confused. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially as which material you choose is really up to your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Looking to Find out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about uPVC and how it could be the right material for your windows, then we could offer you the advice that you need to help you make the best choice. Why not give us a call today on 020 8683 4446 to find out more.