What Is A Sash Window?

In today’s modern age, very few people recognise and appreciate a well-crafted sash window, which shouldn’t be the case. The team at Premier Windows believe that everyone should have at least a bit of background knowledge of sash windows, hence why we have created this guide covering what a sash window is, as well as listing a few of the key benefits of installing a sash window into your home. 


The history of sash windows


Although there is no evidence to suggest that sash windows were first designed in England, there are examples of where the windows were installed in homes throughout the country from the late 17th century. Soon after, they became one of the most popular window customs, taking over from the much-beloved casement windows that were previously the most popular window style. 


Since then, they have become increasingly popular up until the 20th century become well under the way, there the use of hinged windows became increasingly in demand, meaning that sash windows soon became a notable feature on period properties. That being said, they are still very popular across the UK, where most homeowners install sash windows for aesthetic reasons which we are going to mention later. 


How do they work?


Most traditional sash windows are designed with two, sometimes more, glass panels, where one of the panels slides over the other to open the window space. It’s likely that the sliding process is completed vertically, where it’s expected that the fitted panel will be on the top half, so that the bottom panel can be lifted to allow the breeze to flow through. 


The window itself works through a counterbalance system, where the opening sash will be hung to a cord which is then attached to a counter-weight so that it can then be raised or lowered depending on your needs. For aesthetics, this whole system is then hidden within the window frame, making the whole window design very sleek and functional. 


Notable benefits


  • Aesthetically pleasing


If you are keen to add style to your home, then sash windows are the way forward. As you might have gathered already, they are still very popular amongst traditional English towns and villages due to the appeal that they offer. Even then, many traditionalists still install classic sash windows into modern homes to increase the overall aesthetics and feeling that sash windows offer. 


  • Environmentally friendly


Compared to alternative window solutions, they are also extremely environmentally friendly, especially when you take a look at the process required. The timber often used requires the least amount of processing, creating and transporting rather than any other material used for windows, making them a very friendly material to use. 


  • Ease of use


Due to the counterbalance system that we mentioned above, it’s also safe to say that sash windows are also fairly easy to use. Due to this, they are a highly popular solution for elderly homeowners, as they can easily use the window without the requirement of any help or complex mechanics. 


Upgrade yours today


With all that being said, most original sash windows are being replaced with the new and modern alternative, uPVC sash windows. Instead of using traditional timber, these windows now utilise uPVC, a synthetic plastic polymer that can be made to often replicate wood. This new alternative has been proven to be much stronger, durable and efficient compared to timber, as well as looking just as classic, which is a key factor. 


For those that are keen on finding out more about both sash windows and uPVC sash windows, look no further than Premier Windows, South London’s leading supplier of windows and doors. By calling 020 8683 446, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to address any questions, as well as providing additional details about our business and services.