How are modern uPVC windows better than in the 1980s?

Modern upvc windows: white casement window with top opening sash

If you’re looking to replace your old double glazing and it’s been 10, 15 or even over 20 years since your last windows were installed, you should know that the technology has improved massively over the past few decades.

There are some stunning new products on the market today, but if you’re just looking for simple white uPVC windows, you’ll be glad to know that they are better now than ever.

So how has uPVC evolved?

1. High quality manufacturing

Overall, the improvement to the uPVC ‘extrusion’ process has improved to create a longer lasting product. Modern uPVC windows stay looking new and factory fresh for years to come, and there is no risk of cracking or yellowing window frames.

2. More energy efficient

Modern uPVC frames contain more ‘chambers’ to trap air and prevent heat loss over the colder months and some even contain a thermal break to improve energy efficiency further. Our uPVC windows achieve an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency as standard, compared to the average ‘C’ rating for double glazing.

3. Wider range of colours and finishes

White windows were the norm throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but the lack of colour options was a small price to pay for better performance. Now you can choose windows with all the functional benefits of uPVC with a range of colours matching popular paint colours. We offer a large range of colour and wood grain effect foils or acrylic colour spray in almost unlimited options, plus dual colour to match both the inside and outside of your house.

4. No discolouring or fading

Windows from the 1980s and 1990s that are still around today are notable for their greying or yellowing appearance, like a sad pair of socks in the wash. Modern uPVC frames keep their colour without fading over time. With new methods of colouring frames, colours stay bright and bold as the day they were installed.

5. Top security features are built in

Security has improved tenfold since the 1980s, with locking systems incorporated into the original design, rather than installed as an afterthought. With secure windows, doors and conservatories, break-ins are becoming increasingly difficult and scarce.

Modern uPVC windows in London

At Premier Windows, we offer high performance uPVC windows from market leading manufacturers in a range of traditional and contemporary designs, including casement windows, dual swing, tilt and turn (or slide), and mock sash windows.

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