Easy Ways To Look After Your Windows

It goes without saying that your windows are such an important part of your home. Not only are they part of your security system, but they also have the ability to improve the look of your property too. Many homeowners aren’t aware that their windows actually require some maintenance and there are a handful of things that you should be doing regularly. Unfortunately, having a window cleaner visit every now and then isn’t always enough. 


Of course, if you have just invested in new replacement windows or you’re considering getting some new windows, you will want to ensure that you’re giving them the TLC that they really need. Keep reading today, our team here at Premier Windows have put together a list of really easy ways that you can look after your windows. There is no denying that everything mentioned below will impact the lifespan of your windows. 


Frequently open all of your windows


You can almost guarantee that you will open some windows in your home much more frequently than others. Often windows in communal rooms are used much more than those that are sitting behind blinds in bedrooms. Of course, like anything else that doesn’t get used regularly, windows can become still and hard to use. 


A simple way to look after your windows is to open them all frequently, no matter where they are in your home. You don’t need to necessarily keep them open but, just ensure that you’re moving all of the parts of the windows and loosening them up carefully. 


Clean every section of each window


Window cleaners tend to take care of the outsides of your windows but usually, it is down to you to at least clean the inside of them. You probably regularly clean the glass on the windows but, not many people can actually remember the last time they took the time to clean the frames too. 


The general cleaning of window frames is so easy and usually, all you need is some warm soapy water. You will find that the more you clean your window frames, the quicker the job becomes. Aim to get rid of any debris, like leaves or dead insects, before giving them a once over, this will leave them looking as good as new. 


Check the parts of your windows


Every type of window will have multiple parts to them, sometimes these parts won’t require much maintenance, but others will need some care. Not many homeowners take the time to check over the parts of their windows and this itself can lead to broken parts that need replacing or completely new windows in general. 


Simply take some time to check over the individual parts of your windows, look at the hinges and locks and make sure that everything is working as it should be. The sooner you spot any potential issues the easier and cheaper it will be to put them right. 


Make sure people open the windows properly


This may sound quite strange, but trust us when we say it is quite important. Homeowners are surprised to hear that regularly opening windows incorrectly or carelessly can actually be quite damaging. Over time, this misuse can put added stress on the windows and it is likely that it will cause them to break. 


If you have new windows, ensure that everyone at home knows how to open them carefully. This is particularly important if children open these windows as they are known for yanking them. For some specific types of windows, opening them properly is incredibly important. 


Looking after your windows


There is no denying that everything mentioned above is incredibly easy to do and you can simply add these things into your regular cleaning routine. Hopefully, these tips can help you to keep your replacement windows not only clean but also in the best possible condition. No matter which type of windows you have or the material they are made from, you will thank yourself in the long run for undertaking some regular maintenance. 


Now you know that it is easy to take care of new windows, if you would like to speak to a professional company about window replacements for your property, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Windows today. We have a huge range of windows for sale and you can trust that there is something for everyone in our collections. Not only can we provide you with new windows but we also have a dedicated team of window fitters who will complete the installation for you too so, you can trust that you’re in safe hands with our team