A Guide To The Most Popular Glazing Options In 2020

When you first start investigating replacement models for your current windows, the first thing that will become apparent to you is the sheer number of versions from which you are able to choose from. Not only is this in relation to aesthetics available, such as made-to-measure uPVC windows and sliding sash windows, but also the types of glazing that you wish to have.  Thanks to the years that we have spent selling windows and doors, Premier Windows are thrilled to inform you of some of the most popular glazing options on the market.




For many individuals, this is considered to be the most basic standard of window style to purchase. Prior to the development of double-glazing, homes were insulated using a single pane of glass, which naturally led to draughts and higher energy bills. Thankfully, this is not a thing of the past. The improvement that your home will exhibit, in terms of thermal efficiency, will be hard to comprehend at first. However, once you begin to see your outbound costs drop month-on-month, you will realise that this is an investment that will serve you for years to come.


Slimline Glazed


Although you may not realise it, there are some properties within this country that, due to their age, are not eligible to be modified in any way. The owners of these period homes are likely under the impression, then, they are forced to live with their existing windows, which are shoddy in quality – thankfully, this is no longer the case. Rather than remove the old models, and subsequently replace them, it is now possible to fit slimline glazed windows on top of the old unit. This provides you with the same plethora of benefits associated with double-glazing, without the hassle of having to remove your old windows.




Should you be someone that is overly concerned about their window’s energy rating, and wants to take the necessary steps to ensure that you are insulated against the harsh climate that is experienced within Britain, the solution is obvious – purchase triple-glazed windows. As the name suggests, this is a product that comes equipped with three panes of glass. A secondary benefit which can be enjoyed with these types of windows is that they act as a fantastic noise barrier; no longer will you be forced to endure the racket which comes from the road next to you.


Obscure Glass


When it comes to safeguarding the privacy which you can experience within your home, the first product which should come to mind is obscure glass. Whilst there are undoubtedly some that believe that these types of units should be solely fitted within bathrooms, there is certainly nothing wrong with being unique, and placing them within, for example, your living room. In terms of energy efficiency, they are comparable to double-glazing – this means that you can enjoy peace of mind that you are not being snooped on, as well as not being excessively charged for your heating.


Want To Find Out More?


If you are someone that is currently struggling to find uPVC windows online which satisfy your requirements, or are unsure of which unit to pick from the various window ranges that you have browsed so-far, you are in luck – Premier Windows is here to help. When it comes to assisting clients in buying double-glazed windows, there is no one better; this is, in part, due to the vast nature of our catalogue of products. For those of you that would like to continue their education on the subject of glazing, our representatives can be reached via any of the contact methods listed on our website’s homepage