Window Maintenance Tips That Could Be Beneficial To You


As a homeowner, there are certain responsibilities that rest on your shoulders, in regards to keeping your property in top-tier condition. In particular, you need to pay attention to your windows, as these can decline in quality rather quickly if you remain lax. Thankfully, Premier Windows is here to provide you with some much-needed advice regarding effective maintenance techniques. If you adhere to these, you should not encounter any problems, and your windows will remain an important and excellent-looking part of your home.


Scrub The Tracks

This is a particularly relevant point to those of you that currently own sliding sash windows. In case you weren’t already aware, these types of sash windows include a track at the bottom, which is designed to allow the unit to open in a smooth-and-seamless fashion. Unfortunately, this is an area which is prone to suffering from a build-up of dirt, as well as other pieces of unwanted debris. The best way to ensure that this does not compromise your home is to routinely take a damp cloth, and scrub this until it sparkles.  


Stay Vigilant 

If your window develops a problem, it is vital that you try to address the situation as quickly as possible. Failure to do so can allow the issue to fester, and get to the point that rather than being a quick-fix, you will instead be forced to invest in replacement sash windows. Whilst we are not saying that checks must be undertaken on a daily basis, we recommend that, at the very least, you take a closer look at them once a month. In the long-run, this can save you a significant sum of money, which is not an opportunity to pass over lightly.


Use Cleaning Products


Though some of you may believe that this falls under being common sense, we believe that too many double-glazed sash window owners forget to manually clean their glass panes. This is something which does not take an excessive amount of time, yet can reap fantastic rewards when done right. For those of you that are determined to retain their original sash windows for an extended period, you might like to get a bucket of soapy water and apply it gently onto your panes of glass – you will thank us for this piece of advice later.


Enlist Professional Help

Whilst you might not think it, soliciting the services of a professional company to clean your windows can be viewed to be a cost-effective investment. The reason for this is that they will treat your windows with the care and attention that they deserve, thereby improving their longevity. Despite timber sash windows routinely being praised for their durability, this course of action is a smart way in which to help them continue to remain first-class in terms of quality.


Premier Windows – Here To Help

If you have neglected any of the steps that have been mentioned above, it could be that you are in the market for new sash windows. Should you live in a listed building, classic period property, or are simply after upgrades to the casement windows that were fitted as-standard in your new-build, you can be sure that Premier Windows will not disappoint you. Within our catalogue, you will be able to find energy-efficient units that can have a huge impact on the way in which your property functions. Any questions-or-queries that you might have can be put to our fantastic support team using our website’s enquiry form –  we will do everything we can to provide you with the answers that you seek.