Will Sash Windows Forever Be Popular?


With so many different window designs currently available on the market, you would be forgiven for feeling somewhat overwhelmed when you start searching for the set which is perfectly-suited to your home. That being said, there is one option that has proven itself time-and-again to be a cut above the rest of the competition. Whilst some will advocate that aluminium windows are the way forward, here at Premier Windows we feel as if nothing can replace sash windows. For those of you that are wondering as to why this is, allow us to offer an in-depth explanation. 


Improved Security


If you have ever been subjected to a break-in, we are sure that you will want to do all that you can to prevent this from happening again. Should they have gained entry through your windows, it is important that you take the steps necessary to upgrade from your old models – this is where sash windows are truly able to shine. As opposed to casement windows, which can be opened at various points, sash windows operate through a one-panel system, which we are sure you will agree is much-safer.


Top-Tier Visuals


The last thing that you will want is to finally take-receipt of your recently-purchased windows, only to discover that they do not blend in well with your existing exterior design. Thankfully, sash windows are routinely praised for their versatility. It does not matter if you live in a period property that has been standing for a century, or a contemporary home that is only a few years old. Sash windows can be accommodated by almost-all types of property, and this is a quality that very few window models possess.   


Superior Insulating Capabilities


Any list that is focussing on the benefits of sash windows would be incomplete without a special mention for the thermal efficiency that they bring to the table. If you have noticed that, particularly in winter, you are being forced to spend excessive amounts of money on your heating bills, it is important that you try to fix this issue. Although you could achieve the same results using supplementary insulating in your walls and ceilings, we believe that a less-stressful course of action would be to turn your attention towards a premium set of sash windows. 


Recoupable Investment

Whilst this could be many-years in the future, the fact remains that sash windows are an incredibly attractive feature. Provided that you have spent your money wisely on top-tier units, you should have no-trouble in appealing to prospective buyers. This means that it could be possible to drive-up the price of your property, subsequently giving you the chance to recoup the money that you initially spent. When you are trying to select your new windows, this is a factor that you should take into consideration.


We’re Here To Help

Have you been desperately searching for window fitters in South London that can provide you with a vast-array of windows and doors to browse through? Are you tired of skimming through selections of uPVC, sash, and timber windows, and subsequently want for experts to give you some much-needed guidance? If this sounds at-all familiar to you, now may be the time to use the contact form on Premier WIndows’ website. Aside from being a proficient fitting service, we also have a top-quality catalogue available. If you need a new-set of double-glazed windows, or think that a set of sash windows would make for a suitable replacement for your old uPVC windows, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to put a smile on your face.