Why you Should Invest in Wooden Sash Windows

If you’re refitting your windows, you’ll want to make sure that they are both stylish and functional, providing you with all the benefits of high quality windows. Some windows come with one but not the other, leaving you with a great looking house but poor insulation or a warm house that has no real street appeal. You want windows that will do both and here at Premier Windows, we recognise that one of the leading options are wooden sash windows.


The sash window is one of the best styles of windows on the market, a style that has been used for centuries because of its easy function and immaculate style. If this is the first time you’ve discovered sash windows, then we want to give you an indication of just how great these windows are. Our quality products are perfect for your home, and the first-class timber that we use is the ideal choice for your home and your space. 


If you’re still not convinced about whether or not sash windows are the right choice for you, then we’ve collated some of the reasons to choose them, over any other type of window. 



  • Aesthetically Appealing



Whether you’re renovating a period property or you’re planning a home with a certain aesthetic, then there is nothing better than a sash window, particularly when you choose fantastic timber frames. Sash windows have a timeless, classic look to them that adds character and charm. This is why they have been the windows of choice for centuries. In today’s world, they stand out against a sea of uPVC casement windows in all the best ways. With the ability to stain and paint your window frames whatever colour you want, the future of stunning window design has been there all along. 



  • Environmentally Friendly



Our sash windows are also incredibly practical due to the timber that we use. We’re very careful with all of our timber sources to make sure that they are approved off by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that they are sustainable farmed, just one of the many ways that we help to keep our products environmentally friendly.


Additionally, sash windows are good for the environment because they act as a natural insulator; keeping warmth in and your energy bills low. This means that you’ll require less energy to keep your home warm, by extension, you’ll be burning fewer fossil fuels and making sure that less CO2 and carbon monoxide are released into the atmosphere. 


There are lots of ways that you can make a difference to the health of the planet and choosing the right windows is one of them. Sash windows can be that simple step to look after yourself and the environment; a simple step that you can make with our team at Premier Windows. 



  • Stand-Up to all the Elements



The last thing that you need is for you to change your windows and install shiny new ones, just for them to quickly degrade in response to tough weather conditions. Our glass panels and the timber can stand up against the rain, wind and hail; they’ll keep going for decades, looking as good as new the whole time. 


Want to Find out More?


If you’re interested in finding out more about our sash windows and how they can transform your home, then feel free to contact one of our experts today. We can even tailor your windows to the right dimensions for your home. Why not give us a call on 020 8683 4446 and we can discuss your options further.