Why Double Glazing Is Vital For Your home

Ever since its popularity increased in the 1970s, double glazing has been a vital aspect for many homes to guarantee the very best quality and protection, so much that Building Regulations made it mandatory for all new homes to have double glazed windows as standard. 


However, most older homes were initially built with single glazed windows and unfortunately, haven’t upgraded to the much favoured double glazing. To give you encouragement to make the upgrade, we have created this guide covering why double glazing is vital for your home.


What is double glazing?


As the name might give away, double glazing is a window consisting of two separate panes of glass, which are then joined together with a layer of trapped argon gas. This is then completely sealed, creating a transparent insulation barrier between the interior of your space and the outdoors. Although this is more notably more expensive than single glazing windows, it has proven to be much more cost-effective for the benefits that we are going to discuss next. 


What are the benefits?


  • Better insulation


One of, if not the main benefit of using double glazing for your windows is the increase in insulation. This is because the thicker layer provides a better barrier, helping to prevent heat transfer from inside your property to the outside, helping to keep the interior of your home warmer. The same goes for when it’s extremely hot outside, where the double glazing will help with stopping too much heat from entering your home. 


  • Reduction in noise penetration


The same goes for noise penetration, where the extra protective layer compared to single glazing windows will play a significant role in preventing noise from the outside coming into the premises. The same once again applies for noise being emitted from within your home, where the window will shield the noise from reaching the outside. 


  • Increase in property value


As most home improvements do, installing double glazing will also increase the overall property value. Unlike most home decorations, which are unlikely to influence the property value, double glazing windows are one of the most crucial aspects that provide a number of crucial benefits including all the points mentioned within this guide. 


  • Enhanced security


Previously, with single glazed windows especially, windows have been one of the most vulnerable parts of properties, but this has changed with double glazing. With the extra glass pane, this has enabled the overall glass panel to become much stronger and less prone to easy damage, as well as enhancing the security rating of the window. It’s worth noting that this isn’t solely due to the glass panes, as the pressurised air gap also plays a key role in absorbing any impacts and spreading the shock. 


  • Stops UV damage


Although you might appreciate the bright light from the sun shining into your home, it can in fact damage your furnishings. Fortunately, almost all double glazing windows now off UV protection, which will limit the damaging UV rays which can penetrate through the windows into the home. 


  • Reduces energy bills


Above all else, they also reduce energy bills. Thanks to the increase in insulation, it means you are far less obligated to turn on the heater on a regular basis in order to keep your home warm, helping to save money on a long term basis. Whatmore, the same applies during summer months, where the windows will help to prevent excess hot air from being able to enter your premises, reducing the requirement for air conditioning. 


Thinking of upgrading?


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