Why Don’t Timber Windows Receive The Love That They Deserve?



Up-and-down the country, you can find countless homes that are blessed with top-of-the-range timber windows. These units are first-class in nature, and should be treated as such. That being said, you would be surprised at the number of homeowners that are still a little dubious as to whether this is the type of window frame that they wish to invest in when they are looking for window replacements. Below, you can find Premier Windows’  thoughts on why the UK typically avoids timber windows.


‘They’re incredibly expensive’


In the past, it was certainly true that timber window prices were slightly above those of the standard model. This, however, was a reflection of their premium nature, and partially explains why it was members of the social elite that traditionally purchased them. Thankfully, as the years have gone on, this material has become more-and-more readily available, which has had the knock-on effect of driving down the price – we are sure that this will be music to your ears.


‘They’re lacking in the security department’


From a durability standpoint, you would be right in thinking that timber-framed windows are incredibly strong. Unfortunately, some homeowners are under the impression that despite this, it is still relatively easy to gain unlawful entry – this is simply not true. Provided you locate a retailer that is blessed with a top-tier collection, you should have no-trouble in sourcing a set of windows that are wooden-based, and also feature a state-of-the-art locking mechanism. This, we hope, will give you the peace-of-mind necessary to continue with your purchase.


‘The maintenance requirements are excessive’



Whilst you will need to conduct some maintenance on your timber windows in order to ensure that they remain in pristine condition, the same can be said for sliding sash windows that are made of uPVC. No matter what your retailer tells you, the fact of the matter is that all windows will suffer a decline in quality if they are left to their own devices. Rather than witness this first-hand, which could subsequently lead to you needing a set of replacement windows sooner than expected, it is worthwhile to spend an hour or two on a semi-regular basis wiping down the panes, and getting rid of any stains that may have appeared. 


‘They can only be installed at period properties’

This is a point that is wholly-dependent on the window style that you decide to opt for. Tilt-and-turn windows, for instance, are usually associated with modern contemporary properties, and rightfully so; conversely, it is universally-agreed that bay windows are the perfect installation if your home is slightly older. What you might not have realised is that timber can be used in an assortment of windows to great effect, ensuring that it is not solely period properties that can take advantage of these units.



Take The Next Step

Whether you are on the lookout for double-glazed windows that are praised for their energy efficient nature, or are committed to finding a set of casement windows that are constructed from white uPVC, one thing is for certain. When you decide to put your faith in Premier Windows, the outcome will be one that puts a smile on your face. As you may have already deduced, we are also retailers of timber windows – we aspire to help anyone-and-everyone that comes to us, and this means that we need to stock an assortment of window styles. To learn more about our replacement window costs, or make an initial inquiry about hiring us as window fitters, please turn your attention to the contact form found on our website.