Why Are Timber Windows Making A Comeback?


Since the turn of the century, the argument that can be made is that uPVC windows have become the order of the day. From a cost point of view, as well in terms of quality, they are certainly a premium product. That being said, it cannot be disputed that traditional timber models are seeing a resurgence in their popularity. Having established ourselves as a leading window company, Premier Windows is ideally-suited to elaborating on the main benefits of these units.

Incredibly Strong

Most people would agree that when looking at timber windows, the first feature which makes itself apparent is the level of durability that they possess. There is a reason that this material has been found in properties for countless years – it can easily stand the test of time. When you install replacement sash windows that are mainly constructed from timber, you won’t need to concern yourself about sourcing replacements anytime in the near future. When you combine these frames with double-glazing panes of glass, you are left with a finished article that cannot be faulted.

Design Options

Understandably, you will not want to invest in products that simply make your property conform to all those around them – unfortunately, uniqueness is not something which is particularly easy to achieve. However, if you take some time to glance over timber windows, it will not take long for you to realise that there is an abundance of designs available to you. No matter if you appreciate the aesthetics of sliding sashes, or would like to stay true to more traditional appearances, the final outcome will be something that leaves you with a smile on your face. 

Thermally Sound

When it comes to finding an investment which can save you money further down the line, timber windows provide a perfect solution. When treated in a top-tier varnish, these will routinely be able to retain thermal energy. What this means, in case you didn’t already realise, is that you will be able to notice a huge saving on your energy bills. This money can subsequently be put towards more satisfying ventures; as such, we advise that you don’t pass over this opportunity.

Which Style Is For You?

The level of choice which is open to you, in relation to timber windows, is something that can cause a few issues. However, Premier Windows is here to help you through the decision-making process. If yours is a property that has remained standing for centuries, it is advisable that you opt for sash windows; these will give you an upgrade on your listed building’s original models. For those of you that have recently moved into a newbuild, but aren’t happy with the existing products, look no further than casement windows.

Premier Windows – Here To Help


Should you be determined to purchase timber sash windows in London that are incredibly thermal-efficient, and can continue to demonstrate high-performance levels for an extended period of time, the solution is relatively simple – solicit the services of Premier Windows. In the capital, there are few companies which have a collection of windows which can compete with ours from a quality perspective. 


The windows and doors that we possess are high-quality, and we are pleased to be able to routinely manufacture and install products to the best possible standard. Do you think that we might be the firm that you have been looking for, but first need a little more information? If so, our customer support team is well-versed in our operations – if you follow the instructions on our website’s contact page, they will be able to deal with a wide-range of questions.