Which Timber Products Are Most Sought-After This Year?

Looking back through the centuries, there is a single material used within the construction industry which has truly stood the test of time. Timber has long been coveted as a feature to have within your home, not only because of the sheen which it exhibits, but also its robustness – you can be sure that you won’t need to replace a timber product any time in the near future. If you did not already know, Premier Windows is proud to have a wide-variety of products which are manufactured from top-of-the-range timber; allow us to offer you some insight into what these are.


Timber Casement Windows


Should you be trying to find a model of window which can easily-and-efficiently save you money over the years, which will also look fantastic on your home, the first product which should come to mind is that of timber casement windows. One of the most notable features associated with these units is the fact that they are able to open not only in the traditional sense, but also from the side. The ventilation possibilities that this then creates is incredible; you will be able to enjoy a soft breeze running through your home, without the need to fully expose your property to the elements.



Timber Entrance Doors


When you invite guests to your home for the first time, the chances are that you will be looking to make a positive first impression. In order for this to be a reality, it is vital to have high-quality front doors; it is for this reason that many individuals are now looking to purchase timber entrance doors. This is a range of units which can be acquired in various colours and styles, so that you can choose a model which better conforms to your current aesthetic. Regardless of if you want a more-aged finish, or desire a cleaner varnish, there is something for everyone.


Timber Sash Windows


If you wish to obtain windows which combine high-security, which is important in a time which is seeing crime rates rise, and desirable visuals, it is hard to look past timber sash windows as the perfect product. The value which these units can add to your property are hard to fathom; thanks to the way in which they resemble the windows which would be found within period homes, they are extremely desirable. The ability to combine durability with stylishness is a feature exhibited by these windows which are not found in many other products.


Timber Bifold Doors


In recent years, timber and wooden bifold doors have seen their popularity soar – this can be primarily attributed to their fantastic appearance. These are a type of patio door which can truly revolutionise a living space. Equipped with a locking system which, whilst relatively simple, is extremely effective, you can rest safe in the knowledge that criminals will not be able to easily access your home. Although aluminium bifold doors are commonly found, the premium reputation that is held by their timber counterparts cannot be matched.


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