When Should you Replace your Windows?

When you purchase a house, typically you want to put your own stamp on it, make it to your style and often modernize it. One thing many people tend to overlook is replacing the windows. Often people ignore the need to replace them because it can become costly and a slow process. But the time to replace your windows is often more apparent when frames are rotting, glass pains are broken, high heating bills or exterior damage to a property. So if you’re unsure when you should replace your windows, this post by Premier Windows can give you advice and guide you to make the right investment.

  • The Windows look Tired and Old

Do your windows look their age? Do they need refreshing or are they far less energy efficient than they were when you first moved into the house? Unless you have a new build, it is unlikely that you actually know the age of your windows, which is often why our customers wait so long to get them replaced. 

On average we would say that you should replace your windows every 20 years or so unless specific wear or tear causes you to need to replace them sooner. After a couple of decades, the seal in the windows will start to deteriorate, causing them to leak heat out into the atmosphere, which is why they desperately need replacing. If you don’t know how old your windows are then look out for tell tale signs of disrepair. 

  • Your Energy Bills are Higher than Usual

We know, energy bills are increasing at the moment, that is an unfortunate part of life right now. But if your windows haven’t been replaced recently, you’re probably going to feel the effects of the price hikes a lot more. As we mentioned before, old windows lose their insulating abilities, leading to heat loss. While replacing your windows will certainly be an investment, it won’t cost anywhere near as much as the ever-increasing energy bills. With a brand new, shiny set of windows, you’ll be able to keep your house warm and your bills low all year round.

  • You Only Have Single Glazing

There are only a few situations where you should have single glazing in your home. These situations usually revolve around period homes, some of which can’t handle true double glazing. Single glazing is an ineffective insulator and a security risk. So, if you’ve just noticed that you’re living in a house with single glazing, now is the time to replace your windows. Fitting double glazing into your home can make all the difference. You’ll suddenly find that your home is warmer, your energy bills are lower, your house is quieter, and it’s generally a more pleasant place to spend time.

  • Your Window Frames are Rotting

Not only does this mean your windows are not functioning correctly it is also a huge security risk as potential burglars can easily pry your windows open. If you’ve noticed that your windows are starting to deteriorate, particularly if you have timber windows, then you should get in touch with us to have them replaced. New windows will come with inbuilt security measures and strong materials, ideal for protecting your house all year round. 

If you’d like to find out more about replacing your windows, then feel free to call us today on 020 8683 4446. We would be happy to advise you on the state of your windows and offer you excellent advice on their replacements.