What Is Double Glazing and Why Is It Important?

An average home loses 10% of its heat through its windows and doors, so back in the day when windows had just a single pane separating you and the elements, it offered little protection against the heat and cold, as well as the noise outside. 

As a result, few single window panes are sold today, and instead, buyers choose double, secondary and triple glazing options to suit their needs. Energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss and keeps the home warmer, which can decrease your heating bills and make your home quieter. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about double glazing. 

What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them, which is usually 24 mm wide. In this gap is a layer of inert gas — typically argon or krypton — sealed between the inner and outer panes. The gas is a poor thermal conductor, so it slows the passage of heat through the glass.

There are plenty of benefits to double glazing, but one of its biggest draws is that you’re able to enjoy a warmer home at a lower cost. As double glazed windows improve thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss, this helps lower your heating consumption. Other benefits include less condensation, better insulation against unwanted outside noise and higher security. 

How Long Goes Double Glazing Last?

The average lifetime of a new double glazing window is around 20 years, but this can vary from 10-35 years based on the quality of materials, installation and where the windows are situated. 

Over these years, the gas within the double panes will gradually leak out. Roughly speaking, once 25% of the gas has escaped, the thermal performance of the windows will be reduced, so this is when it’s time to consider replacing your windows.

How Much Does New Double Glazing Cost?

As with any product, the price of new double glazing will vary depending on the service provider and materials used, but the average cost is between £400 and £600 per window. At Premier Windows, all of our prices are highly competitive due to our unique buying power. As we supply and fit 30-40 windows per week, we can bulk buy your windows and pass the savings onto you. 

Supply us with digital photographs of your existing windows and we can provide a free windows quote based on your photographs alone.

How Do I Clean Double Glazing Frames?

If your double glazed windows are performing as they should with a tight seal, no dust, dirt or moisture can make its way between the two panes, so you won’t see any marks or condensation on the inside. In this scenario, cleaning is similar to how you’d clean any other window. You can gently vacuum around the window frame and/or use a damp cloth (use warm water with a dash of white vinegar or washing up liquid) to wipe away any dirt or grime. To get into the corners, use a soft toothbrush, and for a streak-free finish, buff the windows with newspaper or use a squeegee with a window-cleaning strip.

However, if water or dirt starts to build up between the two panes of glass, it’s an indication that this seal has been broken, which can be as small as a pinhole. Unfortunately, this means it’s not possible to clean between the two glass panes without ruining the window. If your seal is broken and dirt or moisture is starting to show, it is best to have the window replaced.

Are There Any Double Glazing Showrooms Near Me?

At Premier Windows, we have a new double glazing showroom on Grecian Crescent in Upper Norwood (South East London). Shopping is about the experience, so what better way to choose the perfect installation for your property than to look, touch and compare quality products?

As we have an expert understanding of what options are available, we can talk you through the different materials, styles and glazing systems on offer so you can make an informed choice. Call in at our showroom Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm). We are easy to find (just off Beulah Hill) and there is plenty of parking space in the vicinity.

To discuss your window glazing requirements further or to receive a no-obligation quote from Premier Windows, use our contact form or call us on 020 8683 4446 today.