Thinking of Buying Wood or uPVC Windows?

Have you recently come to the conclusion that the state of your windows is not at a level that you would deem to be acceptable, and think that buying replacements would be money well-spent? Are you having a hard time making a decision as to whether it is wood or uPVC windows that would fit seamlessly into your property’s exterior decor? 

If you can relate to either of the aforementioned scenarios, Premier Windows is here to help. Since opening our doors to the public, we have been blessed with a steady stream of customers, each of which has been delighted by the products that we have supplied them with. If you are based in-or-around London, and need a brand-new set of windows, it might be time to reach out to one of our representatives via the contact form on our website.


Who Are We?

At this point in time, you will no-doubt be focussing on trying to make a decision in regards to whether wood or uPVC windows are the best option for your home. Prior to this, however, you should look at sparing a thought for choosing a retailer to do business with. With so many firms vying for your attention, it is natural that you will start to feel somewhat overwhelmed. 

Once you start to see what Premier Windows brings to the table, we are confident that you will be more-than happy to solicit our services. With seemingly-endless products from which to choose from, all of which are first-class from a quality standpoint, it won’t be too-difficult for us to satisfy your needs. 

Why not spend some time reading over our Checkatrade testimonials, and see what our previous customers have to say?


Strengths of Wooden Windows

When you are weighing up the pros and cons of wooden and uPVC windows, it is important that you appreciate what makes each of them special. In regards to timber models, arguably the first thing that will be apparent is the finessed visuals that they possess. There is a certain elegance with these windows that cannot be ignored – they will provide an instant boost to your property’s aesthetics. If this isn’t enough to convince you to place an order with Premier Windows, the fact that they are capable of lasting for years without the need for maintenance should be rather enticing.


What About uPVC?

Now that touched upon the not-inconsiderable number of positives that can be attributed to wooden windows, it is time to discuss the unique aspects of their uPVC counterparts. After-all, it would be impossible to make a judgement between wood and uPVC windows without learning about both sides. In case you didn’t know, this is a synthetic material that is consistently praised for its insulating capabilities; you can expect for these installations to have a fantastic impact on your heating bills. Aside from this, these windows can be manufactured with ease, meaning that they do not cost much to purchase. If this sounds appealing to you, you can be rest-assured that Premier Windows can leave you with a first-class outcome.