Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Whether you’re purchasing a new property that needs a bit of work or you’re looking to make some home improvements to your existing property, people often overlook replacing their windows. Alongside the external doors, windows are often cast aside in this regard and are usually only replaced when they really need to be. 


Even then, some people will do all they can to avoid replacing their windows for as long as possible. But, window replacement is something that is actually really important and there are certain signs that you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to replacing your windows. To help anyone that is contemplating whether they should be looking at getting new windows, Premier Windows has put together a list of clear signs that you need to replace your windows. 


The frame is starting to decay 


One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows is decaying window frames. If they are soft to the touch, chipped or holding moisture, it is likely that they are way beyond repair. In this situation, you should consider looking into getting new windows and you may want to swap your classic timber frames for uPVC to help prevent this situation from happening again. 


You’re experiencing difficulty opening and closing windows 


Windows that were never installed correctly, that are starting to warp or that have been painted shut can be quite challenging to open and close. If you find that your windows are becoming difficult to open and close or if you can no longer lock them then, it is a definite reason to replace them, primarily because they can be a vital escape route in an emergency and they also keep thieves out. 


Your energy bills are higher with no obvious explanation 


Ineffective windows have a significant impact on your home’s insulation and they can cause your energy bills to climb. If you notice that your bills are increasing and you have no other explanation for this then, you may want to look at your windows. Replacing your current windows with new energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference to your energy bills and the insulation of your home in general. 


There is clear condensation build-up on the windows 


Almost all homes will experience condensation on their windows and this isn’t always a cause for concern but, you should be aware of some specific types of condensation. If you notice that the condensation is sitting between the layers of glass rather than on top of them, it is a sure sign that your seals have failed and they are now allowing moisture between the glass panes. You should look to replace your windows in this situation. 


You can hear a lot more outside noise 


Whilst it is common to hear some outside noise through your windows, if they provide very little protection from these sounds, it can be an indication that they aren’t sealed correctly or are poorly made. Single-pane windows tend to be the worst when it comes to outside noise, so you may want to buy double glazed windows, these will provide you with an additional layer to combat the sound. 


Replacing your windows 


When experiencing any of the signs mentioned above with your windows, you really should seriously consider replacing them. If you’re concerned about window replacement costs then you don’t necessarily need to replace all of them at once, start with the ones that seem to be in the worst condition and then replace the others as and when you can. 

If you would like to speak to a professional window specialist about replacing the windows in your property please don’t hesitate to contact Premier Windows. Our team is made up of the most experienced window installers and surveyors in the business and are always highly recommended. With a huge range of windows for sale on our website, you can trust that we can provide you with the perfect new windows for your home