Should You Invest in Bifold Doors for Your London Home?

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As the seasons change, you want to be able to continue enjoying your garden and patio. But should you invest in Bifold doors?

Many of us struggle with letting light and air into the home. Bifold doors are trending in London and make a great alternative to bog-standard patio doors. Bifold doors slide open exactly how much you need them to, giving you plenty of flexibility. But should you invest in bifold doors for your London home? We look at why you should consider these doors as part of your home renovation.  

Enjoy the Full Possibilities of Indoor and Outdoor Living

Even as the seasons change across London, you want to continue enjoying your garden both visually and as a much-needed source of natural light. Bifold doors are sliding, folding panels that open up your space, and let in more light and air than traditional patio doors. They are perfect for when you want to enjoy a total panoramic view of your garden and bring the outdoors in, without having to leave the warmth of your home. These elegant doors can span up to six metres in length and contain up to six glass door panels, allowing light to flood into your property.

If you have a small room leading out to your garden, bifold doors can create the illusion of a bigger space. The expansive glass panels and slim frames draw your eye outdoors, rather than to thick, clunky doorframes. Since these doors fold onto each other externally in a concertina effect, less space is taken up around the area. And, with the added flexibility of sliding the door to your preference, you let in only as much air as you need.

Get Easy Access to the Patio and Ample Security

Often, a single hinged door is installed next to and independent of a sliding bifold door to give quick and easy access to a patio. This is perfect for when you need to hang out the washing, let the dog out, or you simply want to get some air. Bifold doors are also completely safe, with each panel made of safety glass and having a unique double locking system. There’s no need to worry about insulation, as our doors are made to meet energy-efficiency standards. It’s important to us that we supply safe and secure, yet elegant and aesthetically pleasing doors for your home.

Create Bifold Doors Tailored to Your Preference and Needs

Bifold doors are a staple of modern living, but that doesn’t mean they won’t look amazing in older properties. We offer bespoke timber sets in a range of hardwood and engineered-softwood options, available in a diverse choice of clear finishes or paint colours. We can match any colour you desire and create textured effects to allow you to completely customise the bifold doors in your London home.

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, or wood just isn’t your style, bifold doors are available in a number of stylish aluminium options — including in anthracite grey — for a chic, minimalist look. So should you invest in bifold doors for your London home? If you’re looking for a stylish, safe and more flexible alternative to standard patio or garden doors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option.

Are you looking to let more light into your home? Whatever your preference and needs, we can help you find the best bifold doors to make your patio dreams come true. Call us on 020 8761 3608 for a free consultation with our expert team.