Everything You Need to Know About Residence 9 Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Residence 9 Windows


You may find that the time has come to replace the timber windows in your period property. Whether yours are starting to look quite sorry for themselves or you’d like to swap to double glazing windows, you will have lots of new options to choose from. These days, not only can you choose the shape and size of your replacement windows but, you can also choose the best material for them too. 


When looking into new windows that still have a traditional feel, you may come across a few different collections that you’ve never heard of before and one of these is likely to be Residence 9 windows. To help anyone looking to find out more about this specific type of window, our team here at Premier Windows have put together a helpful guide containing everything you need to know. So, keep reading today. 


What are Residence 9 windows?


Simply put, Residence 9 is a new window system which has been specifically designed to replicate the 19th Century flush sash timber windows that you tend to find in cottages and heritage properties up and down the country. These new windows are perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your classic windows but you still want them to look authentic and you don’t want to lose any character appearance.


How are these windows made?


These windows are made to meet key design principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines, but they also integrate industry-leading technology to ensure that they overcome any issues homeowners may have with their current windows. When creating Residence 9 windows, every aspect was considered, from glass bonding and chamber design to lock and hinge retention. 


Residence 9 windows can be manufactured in numerous sizes and styles to replicate the original windows on your property. They have ornate detailing on the inside yet they sit flush to the outside. You can choose between different hardware for your windows too so, you can ensure that all of the finer details like the handles and peg stays are perfect. Georgian Bar latticework to the glass can even be replicated if requested. 


Why choose this type of windows?


There tend to be three main benefits of choosing Residence 9 windows;


Low maintenance


One of the main reasons why people turn to Residence 9 windows is because they are virtually maintenance-free. If you have had classic old timber windows for a long time then you will know how hard it can be to keep them looking good. Thankfully, Residence 9 is manufactured from a composite material which gives them the traditional look of timber but you don’t have hassle of wood. Residence 9 windows won’t ever warp, swell, flake or need sanding and painting. 


Energy efficient


Another reason why people choose Residence 9 is because they are incredibly energy-efficient windows. They can accommodate both double and triple glazing so you can benefit from the market-leading thermal and acoustic performance. Usually, you can expect windows to have 3, 5 or sometimes 6 chambers, in high quality windows but, these windows have 9 chambers. This gives them one of the best energy ratings on the market for windows of this kind. 




Lastly, many people opt for these windows because of the level of security they offer, especially when compared to classic timber windows. They feature the latest security technology and are specifically designed with safety in mind. Unlike your old windows, Residence 9 windows make it almost impossible for intruders to gain unauthorised access through them. You can rest assured knowing that you and your family are safe. 


Investing in Residence 9 windows


Now that you know more about this specific type of window, it is clear to see why lots of window companies are now working with them, specifically for replacing traditional looking windows. There is no denying that they are a great choice for any period property and there are so many benefits to opting for Residence 9 windows over other classic timber options that you may have. 

If you would like to speak to a member of our experienced team here at Premier Windows about Residence 9 windows in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We will gladly discuss these windows with you and answer any questions that you may have about them. Feel free to view our online brochure about these windows too. Here at Premier Windows, we are proud to be able to offer a selection of doors that utilise the Residence 9 technology too, so your property can fully benefit from everything they have to offer.