Is The French Door Trend Here To Stay?



In the past few years, there has been much made of domestic door installations, and the way that they can enhance a property, not only in terms of value but also in a functional sense. Although some people advocate that Bifold Doors are the way forward, the Premier Windows experts have a slightly different opinion. Here, we believe that you need look no further than buying French Doors, and you can find our reasoning on the matter published below for your convenience.


Instant Value Increase


The first thing that you should be aware of, when it comes to French Doors, is the excellent effect that they have on the value of your property. These are a highly-desirable commodity, and will instantly attract the attention of prospective buyers. You will undoubtedly be glad to hear that many people that are looking to relocate will be willing to spend more just to have a home that is already fitted with aluminium or uPVC French Doors. Therefore, your initial investment could pay dividends in a financial sense – you simply have to wait a little while.


Utilises Natural Light


Most people would agree that French Doors’ most overt benefit stems from the amount of natural light that they allow to flood into a room. Gone are the days whereby if you want to enjoy basking in the sun’s rays, you are forced to go outside. Now, you can recline on your sofa, within the comfort of your own home, and simply relax. This additional light can also be great in terms of perception – it will make it appear as if the room in question is larger than it realistically is.


Indoor-Outdoor Harmony


You may be slightly confused about the phrase ‘indoor-outdoor harmony’, so allow us to explain. In essence, this is a principle which means that you can transition in a smooth-and-seamless fashion between your home and your garden. This can easily be made possible by installing French Doors, courtesy of the fact that they fold up extremely compactly. Subsequently, if you are hosting an event, the doors can be opened and guests can converse with one another, regardless of if they are on your decking or in the safety of the living room.


What Are Our Credentials?


There will be some of you reading this that, although being wholly convinced that quality French Doors will be a welcome addition to their property, are slightly sceptical of the capabilities of Premier Windows. Having spent the past forty years improving our services, we are able to cater to various customer needs. Whether it is double-glazed Bifold Doors which take your fancy, or are searching for sliding patio doors with side panels, we will not leave you feeling disappointed. Should you still be harbouring some doubts, you can be sure that our ever-growing list of Google Reviews will serve to instil some much-needed confidence.


What Can We Offer You?


Should you be looking for a retailer whose French Door prices that remains firmly within budget, and can ensure that your home’s energy efficiency is significantly improved over a sustained period of time, we are thrilled to inform you that your search has finally come to a satisfying conclusion. Here at Premier Windows, we have French Door sets which will be the envy of all those who behold them. With their multipoint locking systems, they also display fantastic security potential. Need a little more information about these products prior to placing an order? If so, our representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have – you simply need to ring them directly on 020 8683 4446.