How Could A Timber Door Transform Your Property?

The appearance of a property is something that many homeowners take great pride in, and it is not difficult to see why. This is a way in which to impress neighbours and guests alike – if it is of shoddy quality, people will rightly assume that you have very little in the way of stylistic knowledge. It is also important to note that your front door, for instance, is what visitors will form a first-impression off of. Here at Premier WIndows, we believe that timber doors are the best way in which to greet visitors, and you can find our reasoning for this below.

High-Quality Finish

The moment that you first clap eyes on a door which has incorporated a timber frame into the picture, it will quickly become apparent that this is a product that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Typically coated in a glossy varnish which only serves to add to its appeal, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative that captivates its audience in quite the same way. Regardless of if you live in a period property and want to stay true to its rustic origins, or reside within a contemporary property and value style, timber could well-be the option you have been looking for.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, allow us to shed some light on this somewhat controversial matter. The timber windows and doors which are typically found in modern properties have been sourced from sustainable locations; this means that the manner of harvesting is done in such a way that does not affect the environment in a detrimental way. Not only this, but there are some studies that suggest that using wood in home-features can decrease the level of carbon dioxide that gets released into the environment.

Extremely Durable

When you first get the quote for wooden doors, you may be slightly taken-aback by the initial price; however, it is important to take into account the level of durability that these products exhibit. As you would expect, timber is an extremely strong material – it can easily deal with the harsh climate and weather that frequents the UK. When you invest in a hardwood entrance door, for example, you will not have to look into purchasing a replacement any time in the near future, and this longevity is not something to simply overlook.

Cost-Effective Option


For those of you that do not have a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, there is one thing that you should know above all else – wooden doors are some of the most thermal-efficient units currently on the market. There are some people that believe that these are more effective at retaining heat than double-glazed windows, and this is no mean feat. If you are someone that tries to be financially savvy, this may prove to be the most prudent investment

How Can Premier Windows Help You?

Have you been struggling to source a retailer that can supply you with matching timber-frame windows and doors? Are you someone that appreciates the thermal performance that wooden window frames and bifold doors exhibit? Should your response to either of these questions be ‘yes’, you need look no further than the services offered by Premier Windows. As a company, we take pride in being able to offer our customers top-of-the-range wooden windows and doors, at prices that cannot be matched by our competitors. If you would like to educate yourself further regarding the energy-efficiency of these units, or would like to be quoted a price for installation, we suggest using the contact methods depicted on our website to get in touch.