Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Sash Windows

Ever since their conception in the late 17th Century, sash windows have become one of the most popular window choices due to their aesthetics and ease of use. However, due to the traditional nature of sash windows, which are made of timber, they can easily be prone to damage and ageing, which we don’t want to see.

To ensure that your sash windows remain functional and appealing, the friendly team and Premier Windows have created this guide with a few helpful tips to maintain your sash windows to the best standards. 


Paint your windows regularly


Timber can become extremely deteriorated if they aren’t cared for correctly, though this can be helped by simply painting them. Ideally, the timber frame should be repainted every 3 to 4 years to keep them preserved, where a simple coat of standard paint is bound to see results. There are of course specific timber paints that might be more suitable, so it could be worth looking around for the most suitable paint for your window frame. 


Oil the window system


As the window operates on a counterbalance system, it’s vital that all components can operate smoothly to guarantee the very best operation possible. A few of the most notable aspects include the general frame, the mechanics inside and the counterweight, further ensuring that the window is able to function correctly. 


Replace the cord


Within the same area, it’s also important that the cord for the counterbalance mechanism is also replaced. Even if the cord isn’t completely broken, by using a damaged cord you are potentially risking damaging the mechanic system even more, as well as putting the glass sashes at risk of damage. The process of replacing the cord is simple enough, simply remove the sashes from the window frame, where you will then have access to the hinge used to hold the cord up. 


Keep it clean


Like with almost anything, there are right ways, and of course wrongs of cleaning. The same goes for sash windows, where it’s more than likely that you are attracting dirt, or potentially damaging their window. For instance, when you are cleaning the window panes, it’s suggested to use a microfibre cloth rather than paper towels, as this creates static which will invite more dirt and grime to appear. 


Install suitable security measures


Your window is one of the most vulnerable areas for your home, so it’s vital that they are safe and secure to the highest levels. For that reason, installing suitable security measures is also advised to guarantee that misappropriate use isn’t possible, which will prevent any damage from occurring.


Regularly check them


Above all else, it’s also vital that you simply regularly check your sash windows. There is no way of knowing that your window or the mechanics are damaged without checking them on a regular basis. Obviously this doesn’t have to be every day, but carrying out a complete check on the window is advised to guarantee no issues are occurring. 


Is your window beyond repair?


Unfortunately, some sash windows are simply beyond repair, which is where we can help. Here at Premier Windows, we have gained a glowing reputation thanks to our team’s ability to create and install world-class timber sash windows that are fitting to your home. Unlike most traditional sash windows, our team also uses double-glazed glass, enabling for an increased lifespan and overall better quality. 


For those that wish to speak to our team about a specific project, we advise giving us a call today on 020 8683 446. By doing so, you can confer with one of our specialists about your current window situation, as well as discussing how we can help. If you are keen for a quick quotation, we suggest taking a few photos of the window you would like replacing and sending them over to our team via our website, where we will aim to get in touch at the earliest convenience with an estimation.