French Doors: Misconceptions That Need to Be Left in The Past

Although it is true that French doors have been around for a number of years, the fact remains that there are still countless myths and rumours in circulation about these incredible home improvements. These misconceptions, in turn, serve to damage their reputation, meaning that fewer homeowners are browsing through ranges of French doors; instead, they are looking at alternative solutions. Here at Premier Windows, we are firmly of the belief that French doors offer advantages that are hard to match, hence why we want to try and shed some light on the so-called ‘issues’ that have no basis in reality.

Lacking in Security

There are some people that believe that because of the large panes of glass that make up the majority of French doors, it is impossible for these to be considered a safe-and-secure option. This, it has to be said, could not be further from the truth. Any models that have been made in recent years are usually fitted with multi-point locking systems. When you factor in the strength of the double-glazing, you are left with a surprisingly durable entrance point.

Offers Limited Privacy

Once again, this is a perceived problem that stems directly from the fact that there are windows incorporated into the design. However, you won’t need to overly concern-yourself about a lack of privacy – there are plenty of ways in which to cover these when you would like to obscure, for instance, your neighbour’s view into your property. For example, you could decide to erect some stylish blinds; curtains would also represent a viable option. These ensure that during the day, you can enjoy natural light, yet when the evening draws-in you can create a sense of privacy quickly and efficiently.

Poor Lifespan

If your main hang-up about investing in French doors is related to the amount of time that they can last, we would suggest that you pause for a moment and reconsider your stance. Provided that you are putting your faith into a seasoned retailer with ample amounts of experience, there is no-reason that these cannot remain in top-tier condition for years to come. This means that you can drastically improve the state of your living space, safe in the knowledge that this will be an investment that also pays dividends in the future.

Low Ventilation

It is important that you keep in mind that despite the secondary function that French doors perform, these are not like your usual windows. This means that they will not open outwards in a similar way to your run-of-the-mill uPVC units that are scattered throughout your home. That being said, it is still incredibly easy to achieve sufficient ventilation; whilst you are sitting in your living room, you can open these as wide as you like. This can allow you to regulate your property’s temperature better, and enjoy a cool breeze as-and-when you like. 

Looking to Get Started?

When you contemplate the range of benefits that are brought to the table when you install high-quality French doors, it is unsurprising that these have slowly-but-surely become the dominant type of home improvement. Whatsmore, it is understandable that you could be on the hunt for French doors in South London, and wish to purchase them sooner rather than later. 

If you are after peace-of-mind that you won’t be left with a below-par installation, now may be the opportune moment to reach out to Premier Windows at 020 8683 4446 for a free quote. We, as a retailer, specialise in selling windows and doors; regardless of the type of project that you have in mind, we guarantee that you will find one of our products to be to your liking.