Double Glazing: The Feature You Didn’t Realise You Needed



Although it has been around for a number of years, there is still much-debate surrounding double-glazing, and whether or not it should be considered an essential home feature. Some will argue that this is just a way in which window retailers scam you for money, whilst others recognise that these can save you money, amongst other things. If you want to get to the root of the matter, allow Premier Windows to provide you with the explanation that you have been looking for – it may open your eyes to the truth. 



Reduced Temperature Fluctuations

If you are unsure as to whether or not your home is fitted with sub-par windows, there is a relatively quick and easy way in which to come to a conclusion one way or another. If you have noticed that your property becomes unbearably hot in the summer, and is prone to plummets in temperature towards the end of the year, the likelihood is that the current windows are poor at retaining thermal energy. Should you wish to put this problem to bed, the course of action is simple – invest in double-glazing products.


Maintenance Friendly

This is a point that can be applied to windows, doors, and conservatories that feature double-glazed panes within them. With their single-glazed counterparts, you can expect to have to routinely wipe them down, for fear that the condensation which develops could potentially ruin their aesthetics. Thanks to the modern technology that is used to create compact and durable double-glazed windows, a semi-regular cleanse is all that is required. This subsequently means that you don’t have to worry about wasting hours of your life on cleaning.


Incredibly Durable

It stands to reason that double-glazed glass is stronger than single-glazing; with an extra pane of glass, it should be apparent that these units possess an upgraded level of durability. Should you be at-all concerned that your home is lacking in the security department, this could be a shrewd way in which to try and remedy the problem. Companies that supply and fit double-glazed windows on a regular basis will testify that these units, alongside a top-of-the-range locking mechanism, can greatly improve your property’s security.


Less Noise

To some of you, this will not be a feature that you are overly concerned about, due to the fact that you live in a relatively secluded neighborhood. If, however, you have become sick-and-tired of being blasted with noise at all hours of the day, now may be the time to replace your windows with units that have double-glazed glass fitted as standard. The results will be almost-instantaneous, and you will never look back. The way that these windows can block out acoustics is second-to-none, and will have a huge impact on your overall living conditions.


Premier Windows – Here For You

When you are in desperate-need of double-glazed windows in South London, you may feel as if the abundance of retailers works to your advantage. After all, this gives you the opportunity to shop-around, and see where the best deals are. However, this can also lead to you being dragged into a time-consuming process, which might not be something that sounds appealing to you. An alternative that you may not have considered is to solicit the services of Premier Windows today, by calling 020 8683 4446. Our catalogue is full of high-quality products at great prices. Whether you are after triple-glazed uPVC windows and doors, or aluminium windows that are energy efficient, one thing is for certain. When you work with our team, you are guaranteed peace-of-mind and total satisfaction.