Best Ways In Which To Maintain Your Home’s Windows

Whilst people are more than happy to spend countless hours on cleaning and maintaining their home’s exteriors, when it comes to home improvements outside they are less than enthused. Here at Premier Windows, we have years of experience within this industry – when it comes to windows, doors, and conservatories, there is nobody with more expertise. As such, if you are wanting to ensure that you won’t be browsing through a range of replacements in the near future, allow us to offer some advice.

Don’t Neglect Frames

When people contemplate cleaning their windows, the frames are often forgotten about; unfortunately, this can have bad results in the years to come. Due to the fact that the double-glazed panes are what are typically considered the ‘important’ part, these are what get the most attention. If you allow dirt and debris to build up in-and-around the frame, not only could this prove to be a significant detraction from the overall aesthetics – it may also damage the structural integrity. Regardless of whether you have timber windows or uPVC windows, it is advisable to conduct a cleanse at least four times a year.

Wipe Down Panes

As one would imagine, if you are considering the most thorough ways in which to conduct maintenance on your windows, much of the attention will be given to the panes themselves. Most people would concede that in comparison to other parts of their home, the windows are what are most often neglected. For those that didn’t already know, it is the windows that are typically covered by curtains and blinds which end up in the worst condition. Should you be looking to prevent this, we suggest using a combination of specialist spray and a lint-free cloth.

Ignore The Hose

One of the most common misconceptions in regards to window cleaning, is that you require an abundance of water to be able to achieve the results you want. In actual fact, you only need a slight amount – what is more important is the quality. Those of you that typically use a hose during your maintenance routine, it is important to note that the hard water that this sprays over your windows can cause serious damage to the porous elements of the glass. In order to prevent the need to get replacement windows, all you simply need to use is water sourced from your kitchen tap.

Keep An Eye On Sealing

Another part of the window which is integral, but often overlooked, is the sealant. In case you were previously unaware, this is used to drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency, and subsequently reduce the amount that you spend on heating. Over time, this can slowly start to come apart – however, there is a simple fix. By investing in a high-quality replacement, such as caulk or one of the extensive range of spray foams on the market, you will be able to enjoy a blissful experience for years to come.

About Premier Windows

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