Are French Doors 2021’s Most-Popular Home Improvement?

Are French Doors 2021’s Most-Popular Home Improvement?

Despite how it may feel, the reality of the situation is that we are currently halfway through 2021. This has been a year during which we have seen lockdowns come-and-go, meaning that homeowners have had time to appreciate what they have and, more importantly, what they need to change. By far-and-away one of the most popular investments over the last six months has been in relation to French doors, and Premier Windows is here to explain a little about why this is the case.


Improved Ventilation

During the warmer summer months, you might have noticed that your home tends to get a little stuffy; realistically, you will not have access to an air-conditioning system, meaning that you need to find an alternative method to cool yourself down. It is in situations such as these that French patio doors truly come into their own. Regardless of whether they open outwards or inwards, the final outcome will be that these high-quality units allow you to quickly and efficiently flood your home with fresh air. It will not take long for this to put a smile on your face, and greatly improve your living conditions. 


Long-Term Savings

Although you may be a little sceptical of this at first, we implore you to hear us out. Prior to having French doors, you will have had to rely on your electrical light fixtures to illuminate your home. Whilst there is nothing out of the ordinary about this, it can mean that you are subjected to extortionate energy bills at the end of every month – this is particularly true towards the end of the year, when the days are rather short. A preferable alternative to this would be to install French doors; the large panes of glass can provide you with all of the natural light that you need. 


Beautiful Upgrade

When homeowners are looking at areas of their home to upgrade, typically their first-thoughts will be in relation to the front of their property. This, after all, will be on constant display; guests and passers-by alike will make their first impressions based on this. However, it would be wrong for you to totally neglect the rear of your property. If you were to allow yourself a moment to browse through a range of French doors, it would immediately become apparent that these units are visually stunning.


Excellent Insulating Capabilities

Whilst this is far from being the most talked-about selling-point associated with French doors, it would be unwise to completely disregard the way in which they can enhance your home’s insulating capabilities. In terms of what French doors offer you over an extended period of time, this is certainly not something to be taken for granted. By taking proactive steps to improve your property’s energy efficiency, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind that you won’t be wasting money year-after-year on your heating.



A Bit About Us

If you have been in two-minds about whether or not to purchase French doors in South London, and wish to turn to a team of experts for their opinion on the matter, we are pleased to inform you that you have come to the right place. With a wide-range of services on-offer, you can be sure that Premier Windows will not let you down. Our mission is to transform your living space into one that you can be proud of, and we won’t cease until this has been made a reality. For those of you that wish to get the ball rolling, the number that you need to call is 020 8683 4446 – we’ll be ready-and-waiting for you.

Why Have French Doors Seen A Spike In Popularity?

When it comes to finding the perfect doors to fit at the rear of your home, there are countless options available to you. However, you will be hard-pressed to source a product which is able to combine functionality and stylishness quite like French doors. What first appeals to you is their striking appearance – as opposed to other patio doors, which can sometimes be considered slightly drab, French doors are the epitome of beauty. 


With more than forty years worth of experience in this industry, here at Premier Windows, we have amassed a level of knowledge which is unprecedented in this field. As such, we are pleased to be able to educate you on the various reasons as to why French doors have, in recent years, seen a spike in their popularity – all you need to do is continue reading.


Increased Natural Light

 By far, the most popular reason behind individuals investing in French doors is because of the sheer amount of natural light that is able to flood into the adjoining room. For those that didn’t already know, the composition of French doors largely revolves around large panes of reinforced glass; as such, you can revel in the sun’s rays from the safety of your home. Should you have the doors installed in a room which is slightly smaller, you will also be able to enjoy the perception of there being more space. 



Improved Security

 There are some people that assume that due to the level of glass that is used in French doors, they are a security liability. However, this could not be further from the truth; the double-glazed panes which are used are extremely strong, and will not simply shatter at the first application of pressure. Not only this, but top-tier models are typically fitted with an intricate locking mechanism, ensuring that those with nefarious intentions cannot break in with ease. You can be sure that once you have had French doors fitted, you will be able to sleep easily at night.




 Although you may not realise it, putting the funds forward for French doors will most likely save you a lot of money in the long run. This is because, as opposed to more traditional alternatives, French doors are recognised for being extremely energy-efficient. The way in which they are manufactured, combined with the materials which are typically used for the framework, ensure that less thermal energy is lost. During the cold winter months, this means that you can expect to spend a lot less on heating bills; similarly, air conditioners will not be necessary during the scorching summer.



Premier Windows – Who Are We?

 Have you been looking for a company that has an extensive catalogue of products, such as timber sash windows and double-glazed sash windows? Are you looking to purchase sash windows in Catford, but have been unable to find a reputable supplier? If either of the previous scenarios could be applied to you, the chances are that you could stand to greatly benefit from the services provided by us here at Premier Windows. 


For those that didn’t already know, we are a company which takes pride in not only having a comprehensive list of first-class products for sale, but also being able to offer top-tier customer service. As such, if you have any questions regarding the benefits of double-glazing windows, or would like to enquire about obtaining sliding sash windows in South East London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You simply need to follow the instructions on the contact page of our website, and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

Is The French Door Trend Here To Stay?


In the past few years, there has been much made of domestic door installations, and the way that they can enhance a property, not only in terms of value but also in a functional sense. Although some people advocate that Bifold Doors are the way forward, the Premier Windows experts have a slightly different opinion. Here, we believe that you need look no further than buying French Doors, and you can find our reasoning on the matter published below for your convenience.



Instant Value Increase

 The first thing that you should be aware of, when it comes to French Doors, is the excellent effect that they have on the value of your property. These are a highly-desirable commodity, and will instantly attract the attention of prospective buyers. You will undoubtedly be glad to hear that many people that are looking to relocate will be willing to spend more just to have a home that is already fitted with aluminium or uPVC French Doors. Therefore, your initial investment could pay dividends in a financial sense – you simply have to wait a little while.



Utilises Natural Light

 Most people would agree that French Doors’ most overt benefit stems from the amount of natural light that they allow to flood into a room. Gone are the days whereby if you want to enjoy basking in the sun’s rays, you are forced to go outside. Now, you can recline on your sofa, within the comfort of your own home, and simply relax. This additional light can also be great in terms of perception – it will make it appear as if the room in question is larger than it realistically is.


Indoor-Outdoor Harmony

 You may be slightly confused about the phrase ‘indoor-outdoor harmony’, so allow us to explain. In essence, this is a principle which means that you can transition in a smooth-and-seamless fashion between your home and your garden. This can easily be made possible by installing French Doors, courtesy of the fact that they fold up extremely compactly. Subsequently, if you are hosting an event, the doors can be opened and guests can converse with one another, regardless of if they are on your decking or in the safety of the living room.



What Are Our Credentials?

 There will be some of you reading this that, although being wholly convinced that quality French Doors will be a welcome addition to their property, are slightly sceptical of the capabilities of Premier Windows. Having spent the past forty years improving our services, we are able to cater to various customer needs. Whether it is double-glazed Bifold Doors which take your fancy, or are searching for sliding patio doors with side panels, we will not leave you feeling disappointed. Should you still be harbouring some doubts, you can be sure that our ever-growing list of Google Reviews will serve to instil some much-needed confidence.



What Can We Offer You?

Should you be looking for a retailer whose French Door prices that remains firmly within budget, and can ensure that your home’s energy efficiency is significantly improved over a sustained period of time, we are thrilled to inform you that your search has finally come to a satisfying conclusion. Here at Premier Windows, we have French Door sets which will be the envy of all those who behold them. With their multipoint locking systems, they also display fantastic security potential. Need a little more information about these products prior to placing an order? If so, our representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have – you simply need to ring them directly on 020 8683 4446. 

Why Bifold Doors Are The Perfect Choice For Any Property

For a long time now, people have chosen French or patio doors to open up their property to their garden and they have been a firm favourite for many homeowners. There is no denying that not only do they look great, but they also provide you with the wide opening that most people look for. However, these days, we are seeing a rise in interest in bifold doors and they are starting to take over. 


Simply put, bifold doors are doors that open back in sections, you may have also heard them referred to as concertina doors. They are quite unique in design but, nevertheless, they are a brilliant choice for all different types of properties. If you’re wanting to replace your current French or patio doors and you’re interested in bi-fold doors, keep reading today. Our team here at Premier Windows have put together a list of reasons why they are a perfect choice.


Aesthetically pleasing

One of the main reasons why people are interested in this type of external door is because they’re so eye-catching. There is no denying that bifold doors have a sleek and contemporary feel, however, they still manage to effortlessly blend into traditional property too. Whatever the style of your home may be, you can guarantee that bifold doors will look amazing and that their design will be perfect.


Incredibly versatile 

Not only are these doors versatile in the fact that they work well in all types of properties but, you can also get them in so many different designs. These days you can get timber, uPVC and aluminium bifold doors and they can also come in numerous colours and textured effects. You can then go on to customise your bifold doors too with a vast range of hardware options. So, your options are almost limitless.


Maximise the natural light in your property

The biggest selling point of bifold doors is their ability to bring the outdoors in. This type of door can span up to six metres in length and have up to six glass panels, which tend to be floor to ceiling. This will allow an impressive amount of light to flood into your home. They also slide open effortlessly giving a 90% opening aperture onto your garden, you will feel more in touch with nature than you will with any other type of door. 


They save on space when open 

Bifolding doors actually take up much less space than you may realise. Of course, when they are closed, they don’t intrude on your property at all and even when you slide them open, they are still very unobtrusive. Unlike French or patio doors, you don’t have to hook them open either. 


They enhance your home’s security 

One of the reservations that people tend to have about this type of door is security but, you have no need to worry in this regard. Bifold doors provide a significant level of security due to the fact that their locking system tends to be spread over multiple points of the sliding tracks. Whilst they may be predominantly glass, double glazed bifold doors are almost impossible to break through so, you can relax knowing that you and your family are safe. 


Installing bifold doors

There is no denying that bifold doors are a great choice for any property and no matter what your home’s exterior or interior design may be, you can trust that they will look amazing. If you would like to find out more about these doors, please feel free to get in touch with our team at Premier Windows today. We will happily answer any questions that you may have and provide you with any additional information you require. 

Here at Premier Windows, we can supply you with an impressive range of external bifold doors in numerous different materials. We are even able to supply timber internal bifold doors that are made to measure too. Our services don’t stop there, once you have decided on the perfect door for your home, our team can also assist with the bifold door installation, si you don’t need to worry at all in this regard. You can rely on us for an all-round service. 

Why Have Bi-Fold Doors Taken Over The Market? 

In times gone by, the majority of homeowners’ focus was on the interior of their property, and rightfully so – this is, after all, where you will spend much of your time. However, this is not to say that there aren’t home improvements which can offer benefits both inside-and-out. Case-and-point, uPVC bifold doors and aluminium bifold doors have seen their popularity surge in recent years. Here to explain a little more as to why this has happened, is the Premier Windows experts.



Time-Saving Investment

 Whilst there is no option currently on the door market which requires zero maintenance, it is understandable that you wish to cut down on the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning, in order to try and keep them in pristine condition. If you were to purchase double-glazed bi-fold doors, you will find that the maintenance requirements are incredibly low. Thanks to the way in which these products repel the outside elements, aside from the occasional wipe-down there is not much for you to do.



Incredibly Practical

 In recent years, much has been made of trying to create a seamless transition between the inside of your home, and your garden. Unfortunately, this used to be a nigh-on impossible venture. However, the introduction of bifold doors can easily make this a reality, courtesy of the number of panels which these come fitted with. By partially folding them back, you can enjoy an excellent unobstructed view across your garden, which will certainly be appreciated when the sun is shining.



Surprisingly Durable

 At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that bifold sliding doors are not the most secure option when it comes to replacing your existing doors. However, if you were to examine the specifications of these projects, it would not take long for you to come to the realisation that, when these doors are fitted properly, they will have no issues in keeping you safe. Much of this is down to the state-of-the-art locking mechanism which, when combined with the strength of the double-glazed windows, will have no issues in combating the efforts of criminals. 



High-Class Visuals

When you are searching for replacement doors, you will undoubtedly want them to display high-levels of energy efficiency. However, you should also not overlook the importance of visuals, as this will determine whether or not you will enjoy spending time in this particular living space. With an aluminium bifold door, you will find that you will be the envy of all those who behold it, as the numerous designs and styles are nothing short of incredible. You will be hard-pressed to source an alternative product which, from both a functional and aesthetic perspective, is top-tier.


Want To Get In Touch?

 On a regular basis, do you find yourself asking ‘how much are bifold doors’, only to not be provided with responses to satisfy your burning curiosity? Are you finding it difficult to source a firm which is capable of overseeing bifold door installation with ease, and offers a price that is markedly below the average cost that you are typically quoted? If you feel like you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, the chances are that you would be ideally-suited to the services provided by Premier Windows.

Within our catalogue, you can expect to find an abundance of uVC bifold doors, French Doors, and sliding patio doors, all of which are first-class in terms of quality. We take great pride in our home improvements, and have worked long-and-hard to ensure that our services achieve total satisfaction for our clients. For more information regarding our services, we ask that you follow the contact instructions depicted on our website.