Are Bi-Folding Doors Worth Investing In?

You probably read a lot about bi-folding doors but it can be difficult to know whether or not they’re worth the money it cost to install them. Here at Premier Windows, we can offer you some of the leading bi-folding doors on the market, allowing you to make the most of these ultra-modern doors. They are absolutely an investment you should consider and we want all of our customers to be sure that they’re making the right decision before they make any purchases. To help you, we have put together some reasons why bi-folding doors are worth the investment. 



  • Incredibly Adaptable



Many people consider bi-folding doors to be a fairly inconvenient form of doorway but in actual fact, they can be styled to suit your needs in any configuration. If you’re looking for a bi-folding door with just two panels, then you can have that, if you want a more elaborate style with as many as 7 or 8 panels, then this is another option to consider. How do you choose the number of panels? 


This is down to the amount of space that you want to cover. Bi-folding doors are incredibly practical if you’re looking to turn a wall into a window, allowing you to create less of a barrier between the inside and the outside of your home. The number of panels that you choose will really depend on how big that space happens to be. However, we would advise against using lots of panels in bi-folding doors, because they are harder to open and close.  



  • Allows an Amazing Amount of Light in



No matter how good indoor lights have become, nothing quite beats natural light. Not only is it better for you and your mood, but natural light can help create the illusion of a bigger space, something that is important if you are living in a smaller home. There are ways that you can take advantage of natural light but bi-folding doors are definitely one of the more practical ways. This is because they act as both a door and a window, allowing you to let in a lot of natural lighting without the door having to be open. It is the ideal way to let more light in well without losing any of your home’s natural insulation.



  • Take up Less Space than other Doors



While there are other doors like French doors or sliding patio doors that can offer you a lot of natural light, they also take up a lot of space. Wasted space can be a problem in homes of all sizes and they can cause all sorts of issues, particularly if you have young children. Bi-folding doors take up significantly less, meaning they can easily fold away when you want to access the outside. Not only is this the safest option for the children running but it is also convenient for you, as it opens up the space in your home.



  • Aesthetically Pleasing 



It is a myth that bi-folding doors look clunky. In today’s day and age they look sophisticated and stylish, the perfect addition to any home. So if you are interested in creating an addition to your home like a bi-folding door, then you shouldn’t be afraid of the style that it will bring with it. 


For more information about our stunning range of bi-folding doors, feel free to give our sales team a call on 020 8683 4446 and they will be happy to help however they can.