Double Glazing FAQs

Answers to all your double glazing questions

At Premier, we’re committed to helping our customers will all aspects of their home improvement project, including giving no obligation quotes and making the buying experience as transparent as possible. If you have any questions about your new double glazing, check out these double glazing FAQS.

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Would my new windows be exactly the same as the old?

New window frame depth is 145mm; this is the slimmest possible due to the 2mm double glazing which has optimal heat saving values. No supplier can offer 24mm glazed sashes in frames with a depth of any less than 145mm so these are as close as possible to existing traditional single glazed windows which were used in the past.

What are sash window pulleys and sash cords made of?

The pulleys are made of stainless steel plated in chrome or brass, sash chords are nylon (6mm or 8mm depending on window size and sash weight).

What type of timber are your sills and frames made from?

Our sills are made of European Oak and the frames are made of Douglas Fir timber.

Do you use treated timber?

Yes, all of our timber is treated with Teknos Aqua 1410-01 for Douglas Fir and anti-stain Teknos Aqua 2901-01 for oak.All timber products, including the bottom of sills, is treated with impregnator, then primer (Teknos 3130) and then two top coats.

What are the specifications of your double glazing?

Guardian glass, 24mm overall (4-16-4) with argon gas, white spacer bar as standard, Low E softcoated, U value of 1.4.

What draught proofing do you use for your windows and doors?

We use rebated white brushes fitted to the top, bottom, midrail and both sides of all installations (all concealed).

Is it possible to order spare sets of keys or replacement keys?

For security and legal reasons neither us nor our suppliers are allowed to keep copies of your keys. The best way to get additional keys is to see a locksmith. If you have lost your keys then you will need to purchase a new window handle (with new keys) or a new barrel for your door lock (with new keys) and have a locksmith fit and replace these for you.

When I sleep at night my windows go all misty, why is this?

This only happens if your room or house is badly ventilated. When purchasing your new windows from us, we can insert trickle vents which will allow you the choice of being open or closed to ensure your room is ventilated properly. It is not healthy to have unventilated rooms. Our vents also have insect screens to ensure no bugs or insects can join you in the night.

Could a burglar take out my glass and gain entry via your windows?

No, our Premier range is internally glazed, which means the glass can not be taken out from the outside unless it is broken. Glass can only be removed from the inside.

Is obscure or decorative glass difficult to clean?

No, the pattern is on the inside of the pane, both of the outsides are smooth for easy cleaning.

Our double glazing has been installed but the noise outside is still too loud.

We can help you with this problem, as we have done so for some studios in the past. Secondary glazing (small aluminium frames with glass that is made to be as seamless as possible) is a common solution for this though the effectiveness of this will depend on the quality and state of your existing windows. Upgrading to double glazing is a surefire way of improving the sound insulation of your property.

Do you dispose of the windows after installation?

Yes, we always dispose of the old windows, glass and any rubbish that is left over from your installation. All recyclable material is recycled in our own recycling plant. We will also ensure your home and property is vacuumed if required and protected with dust sheets to ensure we leave it as clean and tidy as it was before we arrived.

Will our curtain rails fit back after we have had your windows installed?

Yes and so will any existing timber shutters.

Will my carpets or tiles be affected by having a new door installed?

Once we have seen the proposed site, either in person or by photo, we can give you more specific information about your project. However, we always aim to leave all premises in the same condition as when we arrived.

Do I need to make allowances for fire escapes, just in case of an emergency?

When arranging a site visit, our consultant will advise on what is required to comply with Health, Safety & Fensa regulations.

When removing window and door frames, will it affect any wiring or electrics in my home?

Most of the time this isn’t an issue. If we come across wiring when we are installing for you, we will have to stop work (or continue in a safe area) and you will need a qualified electrician to make it safe for us to continue working. We are not allowed to work with any wiring at all.

Do you need to construct scaffolding?

This depends on the building in which we are fitting windows. In the interests of your home, your safety and our workmen’s safety we must strictly adhere to current Health & Safety regulations.

How long does it take to install windows and doors?

This often depends on the condition of the site and how complicated it might be. Usually a 2 man team of fitters will complete 3-6 windows per day.

Do you have your own installation team fitting your windows?

Yes, we only use our own fully trained and accredited installers for all of our jobs.

How soon can you install my product?

Before you order anything from us we will contact you (usually within a week) to discuss fitting our installation into your schedule. After receiving a confirmation of sale with a signed contract and cleared deposit, your installation will usually commence within 2-3 weeks for uPVC and 7-8 weeks for timber. This can fluctuate a little from time to time depending on our suppliers and how busy they might be.

Can you supply windows for use in UK conservation areas?

We can supply windows that are suitable for conservation areas across Greater London. It is essential that you check with your Local Authority regarding the status of your property in terms of conservation. Sadly we are unable to enquire on your behalf.

Do I need to get planning permission before installing windows and doors?

You do not need planning permission to replace existing windows or doors, though you will need to check to see if you are located in a conservation area, as you may be restricted with what designs or materials you are allowed to replace the existing windows with.If you are building an extension then yes, you will need planning permission.Please confirm these details with your local council as these laws are subject to change and we cannot accept any liability for any errors made in this regard.

Do I have to pay the full amount when I order?

After ordering, you will need to put down a 25% deposit (or £400, whichever is higher) when you order. The balance is payable on the day of satisfactory completion. Storage charges may apply if you delay the installation.

What is a ‘sash horn’?

A sash horn is a decorative item added to windows to give a traditional look.

Do you have a sash window that tilts in to clean?

Yes, but you cannot have sash horns as well because they get in the way of the tilting frame.

We would like uPVC sash windows, but we don’t like the plastic look…

We can supply a timber surround for your windows which will be more in-keeping with your existing furniture and upholstery.

Do your products meet British standards?

Yes, our products not only meet ALL British specifications and standards, but far exceed them. For more information about our accreditations, please email or call us and we will be happy to advise.

Do your windows provide any child safety?

Yes, we have many different solutions for safety and security depending on your needs. A member of our team will advise of the best solutions for you, at the best price.

Is triple glazing my best option in terms of soundproofing?

Absolutely not. Triple glazed units are designed to increase heat saving and therefore do not increase sound proofing at all.

How effective are your windows in terms of sound proofing?

Our standard windows have Pilkington 4mm-16mm-4mm Krypton gas filled glass units which will meet most sound proofing and acoustic requirements.Other options include:
Laminated glass 6.4 outside
14mm gas filled gap and 4mm toughened glass units
Pilkington Optiphon, which comes with laminated units

Are your products disabled and wheelchair friendly?

Our replacement door thresholds can be modified to give wheelchair access. We can also fit automatic window openers or manually winding openers to your windows whilst retaining energy efficiency and security.

Can I use my existing original leaded windows or stained glass in your frames?

Yes, we can install most lead stained glass or leaded glass panels into our frames.

What is the difference between ‘sash’ and ‘casement’ windows?

Sash windows are more traditional and slide up and down, casement windows give greater flexibility and have ‘openers’ that can be pushed out or tilt in.

Do timber effect sash windows look the same as real timber?

We use our own high quality, custom made decorative finishes for our uPVC timber effect windows, giving them a very realistic effect. We can match your new windows to existing window and door frames so from a distance they will look indistinguishable.

Can you provide an estimate over the phone or by email?

We are happy to provide a quotation via fax, email or in person. We are of course happy to send one of our surveyors to your home to measure up and discuss your needs and options.If you can supply digital photographs of the existing windows and email or fax them to us, then we can provide our best price based on these photographs alone. If you would like to make any changes to design then you will need to note these so we can price any changes in for you.What we need from you in order to complete a quote:

  • Number of windows required
  • Approximate sizes in mm
  • Style of window (preferably drawings including number of openers, Georgian bars, etc.)
  • Supply only or supply and fit (whether you require our fitting team to install the windows)
  • Material (uPVC, timber, aluminium, etc.)
  • Contact details (full name, address, site address and telephone numbers)

What level of security do you supply?

Your timber windows come with key-locking fitch fasteners as standard, plus ROLA child locks are also available if required.

How competitive are your window prices compared to others?

All our prices are highly competitive due to our unique buying power. As we supply and fit 30-40 windows per week we can bulk-buy your windows and pass the savings onto you.

Can you match any timber finish or do you supply dual colours?

Yes, timber finishes can be matched and we can supply dual colours, including RAL colours.

Do your windows and doors come with energy efficiency ratings?

All our products we supply are A and B rated and comply with all energy efficiency standards.

What happens next?

If you decide you would like to receive a quote from Premier Windows or discuss your possible installation further, you can request a free call back or arrange a no-obligation quotation by using the contact forms on this website or by calling us on 020 8683 4446 today.