5 family friendly products for your home

Family friendly products

Safety around the home is often something that we take for granted. Whether its personal safety in the event of an emergency, or whether it’s tailoring your house to suit to the demands of curious young children, windows and doors can have a big impact on the overall family friendliness of your home. Here’s a list of our top five family friendly products for your home:

Turn your windows into a fire escape

Tilt and turn windows are the perfect product if you are concerned about the restrictive properties of conventional windows in the event of fire. Tilt and turn windows can be tilted inwards to improve the ventilation of your room, but if the handle is turned completed, the window opens fully and provides a great window for use as a safe exit in case of fire.

Child-safe windows

The Tilt and Slide window operates like a traditional sash window, sliding up, but also tilts inwards which improves security and safety, similar to safety features of tilt and turn windows. If you have children and worry about the possibility of them falling from an open window, special hardware can be easy installed on this type of window, limiting its movement and drastically improving its safety.

Secure front doors

Our composite doors feature an incredibly strong three point dead-bolt locking system. This is specifically designed to withstand the three main methods of attack from intruders; bumping, drilling and snapping. In addition to this, our composite doors also feature an additional ‘mortise’ lock for extra security and peace of mind, making these doors the perfect product to choose if you want to improve the safety of your family.

No more trapped fingers

All of our bi-folding doors feature an incredibly useful safety feature called the ‘finger-safe gasket’. This gasket ensures that no matter how far the bi-fold door is opened or closed, it is physically impossible to get your fingers stuck; making it the perfect feature if you have young children who are particularly inquisitive.

Safety accessories

We can also supply a range of hardware than can dramatically improve the overall safety of windows and doors in your property, without having to replace the entire product. Friction hinges in particular, are extreme useful at improving safety around the home. Limiting the extent to which a window opens, this type of hinge is perfect if you have toddlers or vulnerable family members who are worried about escaping.

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