Want wooden windows that last 60 years? Try Accoya wood

Accoya wood
Accoya wood is a wonder material when it comes to timber windows and doors that can last nearly a century. But what is it, and why is it so good for windows? Here’s our short guide to everything ‘Accoya’…

What is Accoya wood?

Accoya is the brand name of a specially treated softwood that has amazing durability, thermal performance, aesthetics and weatherproofing properties. Treated using the non-toxic acetylation wood modification process, Accoya wood is fast growing, sustainable and has incredibly high performance properties making it perfect for use in windows, doors and conservatories.

Benefits of Accoya wood

Accoya wood has a range of great benefits that set it apart from many other types of timber. Here are a few of them:


An incredibly durable and long-lasting type of timber, Accoya wood has an estimated working lifespan of up to 60 years. If well looked after and maintained, this lifespan easily be exceeded. Easy to clean and maintain, Accoya timber is perfect for homeowners who don’t want the hassle that comes with maintaining other timber home improvement products.

Thermal performance

Timber provides great thermal insulation and retention. As an enhanced softwood, Accoya provides exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency. Helping to keep heat in a home for longer, Accoya wood can contribute to reducing the energy consumption of your home and reducing the cost of your energy bills.


Thanks to the special treatment process that changes the cellular structure of the timber, Accoya wood has exceptional weatherproofing properties and even repels insects! The acetylation process changes the internal structure of the timber and fools insects into thinking that it isn’t wood. As a result they don’t eat it!

Premier Windows: Accoya wood specialists

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