Why People Still Love Timber Frame Windows And Doors

Often when looking for new windows and doors for your property you will be greeted by numerous different materials. From composite and aluminium doors to uPVC and timber windows, it can be hard to know which to choose. When you research these different options, you will likely find a huge variety of opinions and people will favour different materials for different reasons. 


It isn’t uncommon to find a lot of negative reviews about timber frame windows and doors, especially since more modern materials have been used. However, they are still an incredibly popular choice for many and they have their own unique benefits too. If you’re confused by all of the conflicting information but would really like to invest in new timber windows and doors, keep reading today. Our team at Premier Windows have put together a list of reasons why they are still such a great choice and favoured by many. 


Aesthetically pleasing 


One of the main reasons why people still make windows and doors out of timber is because of the traditional look they have. Every property has character and timber is one of the only materials that allows you to maintain this, especially if you own a period property. You can always rely on this material to look timeless no matter what the style of your home may be. 


Incredibly versatile 


It goes without saying that wood is an incredibly versatile material and you can make pretty much anything out of it. As far as windows and doors are concerned, it doesn’t matter which style you’re looking for, you will find it made from timber. From timber sash windows to timber bifold doors, it always works well. Of course, you can also paint timber any colour you’d like. 


Environmentally friendly 


In a time where so many people are concerned about the environment, it is no surprise that timber is being favoured. It is a natural and renewable building material, and when compared to other materials on the market, it is much more environmentally friendly. It also takes much less energy to make timber windows and doors than it does any others you’ll find on the market. 


Last a lifetime 


A huge benefit that many people overlook is the fact that timber can last a lifetime. Whilst it will require some maintenance to ensure that it is looking its best, it has a proven long lifespan. Simply taking the time to provide your timber frame windows and doors with the TLC they need will ensure that they effectively resist wear and tear.


Energy efficient


Both your windows and doors are essential for maintaining the temperature inside your property and timber is the perfect material to do this. Wood is naturally a barrier to the cold and these windows and doors are specifically designed to stop the warmth escaping and the cold from coming in. Of course, you can expect this to have a positive effect on your utility bills too. 


Installing new timber windows and doors 


Now that you know the truth about timber frame windows and doors, it is clear to see why so many people still choose this type of material over the many others on the market. All in all, there really aren’t many downsides to investing in timber when you replace your windows and doors. You can trust that you will be more than happy with your decision if you choose this material.  

If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase your new windows and doors from, visit the Premier Windows website today. You can trust that with the help of our experienced team you will get the new windows and doors that you’ve always hoped for. Our sixty years of experience in manufacturing and installing timber products gives us an edge over other companies. If you would like some more information regarding the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.