Timber casement window [video]

In our latest video guide, Premier’s Managing Director Terry McFadden takes you through the features of our timber casement windows.

Flush casement design

All of our timber casement windows sit flush. ‘Flush’ is a term meaning that the window fits completely level in the frame, with no mouldings or panels protruding. This flush design of our timber casement windows means that they can achieve a classic, heritage aesthetic, adding a great traditional feel to a home.

Double glazed sealed unit for great energy efficiency

We use double-glazing in our timber casement windows because of its excellent energy efficiency properties. As the name suggests, double glazing uses the space between two panes of glass to retain warm air in a home for longer. In our timber casement windows, we fill the gap between these panes with an inert (inactive) gas to provide enhanced levels of thermal retention. This increases the overall energy efficiency of the window and can help to reduce the energy consumption of a home, saving your money.

Multi-point locking system

Our timber casement windows utilise a multi-point locking system. This type of lock uses a minimum of three different locking points, which are all simultaneously operated from one keyhole, to provide enhanced levels of security. Multi-point locking systems are widely regarded as some of the most secure locks currently available in the industry.

Scissor hinge

Thanks to the innovative scissor hinge that our timber casement windows utilise, they can be cleaned from the inside very easily. This makes them perfect for above-ground level applications.

Croydon sash window specialists

At Premier, we install high quality timber windows and doors including traditional box sash windows. Our timber casement windows are ideal for Victorian terraces and interwar houses across South London or are prefect for adding a classic touch to a modern property. Call us today on 020 8683 4446 or enquire here for more advice or information about our casement windows.