Secondary windows: better than double glazing?

casement-windowsOne of the most versatile innovations in glazing technology over the last few years has to be that of secondary windows.

Secondary windows explained

Secondary windows are essentially an additional layer of glazing that is fitted to a single glazed window. It provides all the thermal insulation, energy efficiency and security benefits of double glazing without the hassle of having to replace the entire window.

Secondary windows vs. double glazing

A question we hear a lot is are secondary windows better than double glazing? Here’s a comparison of the two so that you can make up your mind.

For aesthetics…

Both secondary windows and double glazing have excellent aesthetics. Suited to most types of property, the slim sight lines of double glazing help to enhance the aesthetics of the majority of buildings. Likewise, the same can be said for secondary windows: their neat appearance means that you’d never suspect they were anything other than double glazing!

For use in traditional properties

Secondary windows

Thanks to the fact that secondary windows simply fit over your existing windows, secondary windows are perfect for use in heritage properties, listed buildings, or buildings where replacing an entire section of glazing might be difficult.

For cost

Secondary windows

Double glazing is often more expensive than secondary windows. This makes economic sense: secondary glazing involves fitting an additional section of glazing over your existing windows living them in situ; double glazing involves replacing the entire window and frame. When it comes to short-term, cost-effectiveness, secondary windows are the winner every time.

Premier: secondary window specialists

As well as supplying a wide range of windows, doors and conservatories, Premier are also specialists when it comes to installing secondary windows. To find out more about any of the products we offer, give us a call on 020 8683 4446 or send us an email. We hope to hear from you soon.