Glass conservatory roofs: perfectly suited to a summer in London

Bespoke glass conservatory roof in uPVC
The gloriously warm sunshine of the summer months we’re currently in the middle of have got many of us looking up at the smooth blue skies. This (unseasonably for Britain) warm weather has naturally let people enjoy their conservatories even more than usual, and many people whilst looking up at the sky, may have had chance to contemplate the state of their conservatory roof.

Conservatory roof glass technology has really improved in the last decade. It’s now easier than ever to install a brand new, thermally efficient glass roof, either on a new or existing conservatory. The same can be said of upgrading an existing conservatory roof.

If you bought your conservatory within the last two decades, the chances are that its roof may be made of polycarbonate and not real glass. Polycarbonate was used extensively in the 1980s and earlier 1990s as a substitute for real glass, which was expensive to buy, complicated to install and not very thermally efficient.

Conservatory roof technology has improved so much in the last two decades that now a glass roof is a real possibility for many. There are real, tangible benefits to having a conservatory roof made of glass. Nothing truly matches the crispness and clarity of sunlight that a glass roof can let in. Able to offer a much better solar gain and thermal efficiency than previous polycarbonate roofs, glass roofs allow sunlight and heat to interact with your conservatory in a much more natural way.

Premier Windows can offer you a range of conservatory roof options to make sure that you find the product perfectly suited to your property. Available in a variety of materials such as uPVC and aluminium, and a range of wood-grain foils and non-standard colours such as greys and blacks, our range of conservatories offer you a great selection of products to choose from, perfect for upgrading your existing conservatory roof to a glass one.