Everything you wanted to know about wooden window sills

Wooden window sill

Ever wondered what the point of a wooden window sill actually is? Here’s some more information about one of the most important, yet often overlooked, features of a timber window.

What is a window sill?

The window sill makes up the lowest part of a window frame. As a small ledge the width of the width at the bottom of the frame, sills help to hold the window together and slope outward on the exterior to help water drain away.

Benefits of a high quality wooden window sill

Here at Premier we understand how important a part the window sill plays in the overall performance of a timber window. That’s why we make sure all of our wooden window sills are of the highest quality. Here’s some benefits of a high quality window sill.

1. Holds the frame and glazing in place

There’s no point investing in exceptional double glazing and expensive timber if you don’t invest in a high quality window sill at the same time. Window sills are integral when it comes to providing stability and durability in a window: they hold the frame and the glazing in place, providing a weatherproof seal. We make sure that all of the window sills we use at Premier are made of the highest quality timber.

2. Provides better thermal and acoustic insulation

Forming a seal between the window unit and the wall of the building, the quality of a window sill is so important when it comes stop draughts and leaks. Investing in a high quality window sill can help to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your property, reducing the amount of heat you need to heat your home. Here at Premier, we’re specialists when it comes to providing draught-proof wooden window sills.

3. Helps excess water drain away more easily

Designed to slope slightly on the exterior side, a quality window sill will help water to drain away from your property and stop any potential damage from the weather. All of our window sills utilise this sloping design feature to ensure that they offer the highest levels of weatherproofing for your home.

Premier: wooden window sill specialists

If you’re looking for a high quality timber window in the London area, or need a timber window sill repaired, Premier are the perfect company to choose. We’ve been improving homes across London and beyond for over a decade. For more information about our products or services, give us a call on 020 8683 4446 or send us an email.