Case Study: Upgrading sash windows in a Brixton Victorian terrace

Sash windows in a Victorian terrace

During a recent installation project, we upgraded Victorian sash windows in Arodene Road, Brixton.

Traditional London terrace

The property in question was in Arondene Road: a long terrace of traditional Victorian properties in Brixton. The homeowners were looking to replace their existing timber sash windows. At the same time, they wanted to improve the overall energy efficiency of their home, as well as wanting to emphasise the traditional aesthetics of the building itself.
The building, and the majority of others in the terrace, shared the characteristic dark-mustard colour bricks that define so many other residential Victorian buildings constructed during this period. This meant that any window we would install in the property would have to be sympathetic to the style of others in the terrace.
We recommended that the homeowners install a new set of timber sash windows in the property.

Energy efficient timber sash windows

The timber sash windows that we installed in the property combine traditional aesthetics and technology with modern high performance and energy efficiency, helping the window to match the traditional look of the terrace, without compromising on performance.
The windows were in a classic sash design, and utilised a traditional rope and pulley opening mechanism to seamlessly emulate the opening action of existing sash windows in the terrace. In addition to this, the new timber sash windows also used modern multipoint locking to add an increased level of security to the property.

Heritage aesthetics, modern security

In addition to excellent aesthetics and high levels of security, the timber sash windows that we installed are very thermally retentive and have brilliant energy efficiency values.
Utilising energy efficient double glazing, these timber sash windows are superb thermal insulators and will help to keep the property warmer for longer, potentially reducing the cost of heating bills.

Another happy customer

The owners of the property were thrilled with the new timber sash windows that we installed in their home, and we were pleased to be able to help upgrade the windows of their property. To find out more about how Premier can help you upgrade your existing windows, give us a call on 020 8683 4446 or send us an email.