Box sash windows guide [video]

Here at Premier we’ve recently created a series of videos to guide you through our product range. In the first instalment, we introduce you to our timber box sash window and take you on a virtual tour of its various features.

The interior frame

If you’re replacing existing box sash windows, we can take a moulding of your existing window architrave and create a new copy of it, tailored to fit your home’s style. We can also take mouldings of existing sash horns and create bespoke replicas to fit your new window.

There is no uPVC in our windows whatsoever: our sash frames and parting beads are made entirely from timber. Most other companies manufacture their parting beads from aluminium or uPVC, and over time, these materials can discolour, turning an unsightly shade of yellow or pink. In addition, aluminium and uPVC as materials cannot be painted very easily. Timber however, can be, making it the perfect material from which to manufacture a long-lasting and adaptable sash window.

The pulley system

Our box sash windows come supplied with traditional pulleys and weights that operate on a rope system for added heritage authenticity. We also offer the option of a spring loaded window, for added ease of opening.

The sealed unit

Our box sash windows utilise a 24mm sealed unit that is filled with krypton gas for added heat and sound insulation. The glass in the window is sealed with a traditional putty line that provides enhanced security; thanks to this feature, the glass can only be removed from the inside of the window. In addition to this, the window itself also comes with extensive draught proofing to maximise its energy efficiency.

The exterior frame

The window boards of our box sashes are created from high quality, European oak – just like traditional box sash windows. These boards are measured by a qualified surveyor, manufactured by skilled joiners and finished to an extremely high quality to suit your window perfectly.

Croydon sash window specialists

At Premier, we install high quality timber windows and doors including traditional box sash windows. Our sash windows are ideal for Victorian terraces and interwar houses across South London or add a classic touch to a modern property. Call us today on 020 8683 4446 or enquire here for more advice or information about our vertical sliders.