Are UPVC Sliding Sash Windows the Future of Domestic Homes?


Up-and-down the country, homeowners are investing substantial amounts of money in order to upgrade the aesthetics of their property. Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with being at peace with your home’s current visual appearance, if you have the necessary means to make improvements you should do so. In recent years, window designs have been increasingly tinkered with, and UPVC models have come to the fore. Below, courtesy of the experts here at Premier WIndows, you can find out why this is.


Cost-Effective Option


When you are attempting to find a model that suits your home, you will undoubtedly come across a number of styles which, although fantastic to look at, are far beyond your budget capabilities. However, this should not be cause to become disheartened, particularly due to the fact that there are viable options that are not only cheaper, but superior in their functionality. For example, UPVC windows will not drain your finances, yet are incredible when installed.


Easily Maintained


On a weekend, the chances are that you would like to enjoy some downtime away from the hassle and stress from work. Unfortunately, this is not realistic for those of you that own, for example, casement windows, as they need meticulous care and attention in order to retain their qualities. Thankfully, the solution to this is relatively obvious, and that is to spend money on easy-clean UPVC windows. The structural integrity of this synthetic plastic ensures that annoyances, such as weeds and insects, are unable to infiltrate, and this contributes to their long lifespan.


High-Security Option


You will be pleased to hear that there are various benefits associated with UPVC sash windows that do not relate to aesthetics. For example, this material is notorious for being incredibly durable – not only does this mean that it ranks particularly high on energy rating scales, but it is also fantastic from a security standpoint. Provided that you have the units installed with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, you will not need to pay a second thought to criminals gaining easy access to your home. Factor in the double-glazing which is often equipped as standard, and the end result is a study and dependable window.


Number of Styles


One of things that you should be aware of prior to making a final decision is that, despite the overwhelming majority of owners opting for a white finish, UPVC windows come in a range of styles. You could elect to have a wood-effect, which is fantastic for those of you that live in period properties and wish to retain a traditional aesthetic. Alternatively, you could decide that bright and bold is the route which you wish to choose to go down. In the end, there is no right answer – it is simply down to stylistic preferences.


An Introduction to Premier Windows


If you are someone that has been struggling to find a set of high-quality windows or doors that are not only fitted with double-glazed panes, but also proven to be of the highest calibre when it comes to energy efficiency, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Premier Windows. To us, it does not matter which colour options you want your window frames to be, or if you prefer a timbow window to one that is fitted with a UPVC profile. 


Our mentality has always been to fulfil the needs of our clients, whatever they may be. During our forty year run, we have built-up a catalogue which now consists of countless units, with vertical sliding sash windows and timber windows but to name a few. Should you wish to find out more, why not visit our website’s contact page today and get in touch?