10 reasons your home needs timber French doors

French doors

Many homeowners reap the benefit from the addition of French doors in the summer months. Here’s 10 reasons your home needs timber French doors.

What is a French door?

French doors were invented (you guessed it) in France, in the late 18th century. They were originally a feature of the most opulent homes and reserved for those who could afford the expense of installing such an impressive set of doors. French doors are generally mounted in pairs and provide enhanced natural light, ventilation and access.

Reasons why French doors are perfect for your home

1.They provide enhanced ventilation

Thanks to the fact that they open outwards, French doors provide superb levels of ventilation, keeping your home comfortable in the hot summer months.

2. They’re attractive!

Available in a range of colours and authentic woodgrain foils, French doors can be customised to match the look of your property really easily. The slim sightlines of the French door design enables enhanced aesthetics.

3. They’re a good, cost-effective alternative to bifolding doors

Providing similar benefits, French doors are a cost-effective alternative to bifolding doors. Able to blur the boundary between the inside and outside, French doors are a classic home improvement product and are suited to a range of properties.

4. They let extra light into a room

Thanks to the large surface area of glazing used in its design, French doors let large amounts of natural light into a property: much more so than conventional doors. If you want to improve the amount of natural light in your property, French doors are the perfect solution.

5. They could improve the value of your property

French doors are such a desirable feature of a home that in some cases they can help to raise the value of a property slightly.

6. They’re available in a range of materials

French doors can be made from a range of materials to match the needs of your property. Our French doors are available in easy to maintain uPVC and energy efficient timber, giving you a great variety of options to choose from.

7. They make your home more accessible…

French doors are perfect for transforming the way that you use your property. They make the outside much more accessible, making it easier for you to access the outside, stare at the sunset or just admire your garden.

8. …but also more secure

As well as improving the accessibility of your home, French doors can also improve its security. The French doors we offer at Premier are supplied fully double glazed and with a high quality locking mechanism. This ensures that your home is protected from any intruders.

9. They’re energy efficient

All of the French doors that we offer at Premier benefit from the addition of double-glazing and double draughtproofing. This ensures that the overall door is a good thermal and acoustic insulator and is energy efficient.

10. They can be supplied in any RAL colour

Believe us. There are thousands upon thousands of RAL colours to choose from. Some of our most popular are heritage hues such as Chartwell Green, and Duck Egg Blue.

Premier: specialist installers of timber and PVC-u French doors

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