Timber Sash Windows

Add character to your home with our traditional timber sash windows

Sliding sash windows are full of character and history. Our traditional timber sash window is a product that combines charm and sophistication, with modern performance. Whether it’s the time and effort that goes into the special manufacturing process or the character they add to a property, we’re particularly proud of our them.

Befitting of a certain property and location, timber windows are a classy way to add character to your home. Our experienced team of specialist timber craftsmen can make you products to the highest specifications. You will benefit from a great looking product that offers the highest level of heat saving, soundproofing and security.

Colours and coatings

Choose from a wide range of colours and translucent coatings to suit your home and style. You can even have different colours on the inside and outside of your new windows, allowing you to colour match to the interior and exterior of your home.

Low maintenance with 8 year paint guarantee and 30 year frame warranty

Not only will your new timber windows look fantastic they’re easy to keep looking that way too. You won’t need to refresh the paintwork for at least 10 years and when you do you’ll be surprised at how little effort it takes – a single rubdown and coat is all that’s needed to keep your windows looking as good as new.

To give you peace of mind, our timber sash windows come with an 8 year paint guarantee, a 30 year frame warranty, and have a minimum estimated service life of 60 years.

Available window styles

We have a range of window styles and configurations so you can be sure you’ll find the right option to suit your home.

A casement window

Casement windows are the most popular style in the UK and offer typical functionality.

A dual swing window

Dual Swing
The Dual Wwing window has the appearance of a traditional sash window yet each sash reverses fully.

Tilt and slide window

Tilt and Slide
Tilt and Slide windows operate like traditional sash windows but tilt in for safe maintenance.

Spiral balance window

Spiral Balance
Spiral Balance sliding sash windows offer traditional functionality with modern benefits.

A tilt and turn window

Tilt and Turn
Tilt and Turn windows can be open slightly to allow normal ventilation or fully for greater ventilation.


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