Why Is Frosted Glass So Popular?

In the twenty-first century, there are countless ways in which you can decorate and alter your property – regardless of if you are in the central London area, or reside in the idealistic countryside, your home is likely your pride and joy. As such, it is vital that the features that you invest in are top-of-the-range. As leading suppliers of frosted glass, Premier Windows’ team are here to illustrate why frosted glass would be a welcome addition to your property. 

Greatly Improves Privacy

If you were to conduct a survey amongst homeowners that have already taken the step to invest in frost glass, as to the reason why they purchased this type of product, the responses that you would receive would be in overwhelming favour of the privacy that they provide. This type of glazing is highly recommended for those individuals that are currently installing home improvements, and are looking to deter criminals from targeting their property. Glazing companies up-and-down the country have begun stocked up on frosted glass, and the obscuring-effect which they have is the primary reason.


For those of you that do not particularly enjoy undertaking cleaning of windows and doors on a weekly basis, you will be delighted to hear that with frosted glass, this issue becomes a thing of the past. Due to the ridges that are found on this textured product, it does not develop streaky lines in the same way that traditional glass does. All that is required to keep it in top-tier condition is to conduct a semi-regular wipedown with a wet cloth – as such, many regard this as an effective time-saving type of glass glazing.

Excellent Insulator

A little-known fact about frosted glass is that, in a similar vein to double-glazed windows, they are a fantastic insulating product. The obscure nature of the panes means that thermal energy can not escape in an easy fashion, and this can bring about fantastic results during winter – namely, the decreasing of your energy bills. There are also benefits during the hotter seasons, as the sun cannot infiltrate your property as much, thus ensuring that you do not overheat. These, then, are not only high-quality products from a visual standpoint; there are practical advantages to enjoy.

Sound-Proofing Properties

Whilst perhaps not as marketable as some of the other benefits listed above, this is not something that should simply be overlooked without a second thought. If you live, for example, in South London and are surrounded by noisy neighbours, the chances are that you have been searching for a way in which to block out the sounds coming from each-and-every side. The solution to this is simple – purchase a number of frosted windows, and get them installed around your home. With these, you will no longer have to worry about excessive acoustics making your life unbearable.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

When it comes to sourcing a glazing company in London which has a catalogue that is well-stocked with a diverse range of windows, the only name that should come to mind is that of Premier Windows. The units that we supply our customers with are typically energy-efficient and durable – you won’t be forced to search for replacements anytime soon. No matter if it is a replacement front door that you are after, or sash windows that your home is missing, our specialists will be more than happy to supply and fit the products in a smooth-and-seamless manner. Want to find out a little more about our pricing structure? If you go to our website’s contact page, you can find the various ways in which to speak to a member of our team.