Why Is Double Glazing So Popular?

Double glazed windows are still a product which many people view to be a luxury, rather than a necessity. When people look to replace sash windows, they tend to opt for the cheapest model on the market. Whilst there is some sense in this, the likelihood is that their energy performance, and overall quality, is simply below-par. However, if you were to buy double-glazed sash windows from a reputed supplier, such as here at Premier Windows, you can be sure that you are investing in a long-term, high-quality solution. If you would like to learn about the countless benefits associated with double glazing, all you need to do is take a look at our thoughts below.


Reduced Noise


Unfortunately, should you live in a built-up area that is surrounded by houses on each side, the chances are that you are subjected to noise on a regular basis. Thankfully, should you take the relatively simple step of upgrading from single glazing to a double-glazed unit, you will be able to drastically reduce the level of noise which infiltrates your home. Due to the layered design, the windows structural integrity is significantly more compact, which has the knock-on effect of keeping foreign elements out, including sound. Therefore, you can view double-glazed sash windows as a form of acoustic insulation.


Lower Energy Bills


For many individuals, this is the point which truly sells them on the benefits associated with double glazing, as opposed to more older models. As is to be expected, people appreciate the fact that they are able to slash their energy bills – what is surprising is that this is not only in effect during winter, but also during summer months. Whilst the weather is cold, your windows will do an excellent job at retaining heat, ensuring that your boiler does not need to go into overdrive. Conversely, when the sun is beating down, your home will manage to stay cooler thanks to the secondary glazing.


Aesthetically Impressive


Whilst, for some, this is more of an afterthought, the truth of the matter is that, in general, investing in double glazed windows will have a positive influence on the overall aesthetics of your home. For example, if you were to have uPVC sash windows fitted, you will be able to enjoy sleeker, more sophisticated exterior appearance. Should you be someone that appreciates functionality as well as style, double glazed windows are one of the most perfect home installation projects for you.


Limits UV Damage


Those of you that have furniture which spends the majority of the day in the sun will testify to the fact that UV rays can be extremely damaging to fabrics. The sun’s rays are potent, and have been known to make upholsteries lose their colour extremely quickly. However, this problem is negated when you have double-glazed windows; thanks to the thickness of each pane of glass, the UV is unable to penetrate as it would have previously. No longer will you be forced to replace furnishings and curtains on a semi-regular basis.


Want To Find Out More?


If you come to the conclusion that you would like to purchase a product which is extremely energy-efficient, as well as relatively competitive in price, you will be pleased to hear that Premier Windows are here to help. To us, it does not matter if you live in a period property which is a listed building, or in a new-build which you want to upgrade. Our mission revolves around providing you with an experience which leaves you wholly satisfied. If this sounds appealing to you, why not go to our website’s contact page and start your journey with us today?