Why Investing in New Sash Windows Could Be a Wise Move



Originally, sash windows were only viewed to be a viable option for members of the social elite. However, as they have become more-widely available, they are cropping up in homes across the UK. From period properties to new-builds, the abundance of double-glazed sash windows is something to be marvelled at. You may be wondering why it is that their popularity is significantly growing – this is something that the representatives here at Premier WIndows are more than happy to shed some light on.


Functionality Epitomised


First-and-foremost, it is important to appreciate the efficient-and-effective way in which they execute their primary function. The chances are that you want your window to allow in a flood of sunlight, whilst simultaneously providing you with fantastic views of the world around you. Sash windows offer you this and so much more – the large box-frames ensure that you won’t be left wanting for a glimpse of the picturesque scenery surrounding your property. It is not hard to see why sash frames have become more sought-after than the classic casement window.


Uncompromising Appearance


When you first clap eyes on, for instance, a wooden sash window, you will likely be taken aback by the sheer beauty of the unit. Most people would agree that regardless of if they are installed in a listed building to replace the original window, or come as standard on a contemporary property, there is something about them which draws you in. You will also be thrilled to learn that you have the opportunity to browse through an array of different designs, meaning that you can put your own unique stamp on proceedings.


Eco-Friendly Solution


A little-known fact in relation to sash windows is that they are excellent from an environmental standpoint. Were you to purchase a timber sash window, in all likelihood you would be partaking in a recycling initiative, which is fantastic for your carbon footprint. On top of this, their energy-efficient nature allows you to reduce your fossil fuel usage, ensuring that your heating bills do not force you to spend needlessly. In the long-run, this is an investment that will pay dividends, and surely has earned its title as being a cost-effective solution.


Long-Lasting Option


If you decide to replace your existing windows with those from a sash range, you will undoubtedly do so with the intentions of not having to make another change any time in the near future. Unfortunately, should you opt to use sub-par materials, you will quickly find that a replacement may have to be sourced sooner than you like. This is a problem not typically associated with sash windows – the durability that they provide you with will not leave you feeling disappointed.


How Can We Be of Service?


Have you spent countless hours searching the Internet looking through sliding sash windows, but still believe that the ideal product is eluding you? Do you want to purchase a product that adeptly combines thermal efficiency with top-tier aesthetics? For those of you that can relate to the aforementioned scenarios, the solution is obvious – use the services of Premier Windows. 


Whether it is traditional sash windows that you are after, or believe that contemporary timber sash windows are more to your liking, we will not cease until your needs are met. Should you need to replace the sash windows that you currently have in place, or want a quote for our premium products, we suggest that you get in touch. There are two options available to you – either write to us using the form on our contact page, or ring us directly at 0208 683 4446.