Why Have French Doors Seen A Spike In Popularity?

When it comes to finding the perfect doors to fit at the rear of your home, there are countless options available to you. However, you will be hard-pressed to source a product which is able to combine functionality and stylishness quite like French doors. What first appeals to you is their striking appearance – as opposed to other patio doors, which can sometimes be considered slightly drab, French doors are the epitome of beauty. 


With more than forty years worth of experience in this industry, here at Premier Windows, we have amassed a level of knowledge which is unprecedented in this field. As such, we are pleased to be able to educate you on the various reasons as to why French doors have, in recent years, seen a spike in their popularity – all you need to do is continue reading.


Increased Natural Light


By far, the most popular reason behind individuals investing in French doors is because of the sheer amount of natural light that is able to flood into the adjoining room. For those that didn’t already know, the composition of French doors largely revolves around large panes of reinforced glass; as such, you can revel in the sun’s rays from the safety of your home. Should you have the doors installed in a room which is slightly smaller, you will also be able to enjoy the perception of there being more space. 


Improved Security


There are some people that assume that due to the level of glass that is used in French doors, they are a security liability. However, this could not be further from the truth; the double-glazed panes which are used are extremely strong, and will not simply shatter at the first application of pressure. Not only this, but top-tier models are typically fitted with an intricate locking mechanism, ensuring that those with nefarious intentions cannot break in with ease. You can be sure that once you have had French doors fitted, you will be able to sleep easily at night.




Although you may not realise it, putting the funds forward for French doors will most likely save you a lot of money in the long run. This is because, as opposed to more traditional alternatives, French doors are recognised for being extremely energy-efficient. The way in which they are manufactured, combined with the materials which are typically used for the framework, ensure that less thermal energy is lost. During the cold winter months, this means that you can expect to spend a lot less on heating bills; similarly, air conditioners will not be necessary during the scorching summer.


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