Timber Windows – The Solution That Never Gets Old



If you have been browsing through the home improvement market for some time, you will have undoubtedly come across excellent casement windows and sash windows that are manufactured from uPVC. Whilst this is not necessarily a negative, there are certainly alternative materials which have just as much to offer. Case-and-point, many homeowners have started turning to quality wooden units; these have been around for many years, and their popularity has never seemed to wane. Premier Windows, having been in this industry for many years, is pleased to explain why you should give timber a try.

Thermally Efficient

Some people may try to tell you that, in terms of insulating capabilities, wooden units languish far behind their uPVC counterparts – this could not be further from the truth. Provided that they have been treated with the right varnish, and are manufactured to a sufficient standard, there is no reason why they cannot easily retain thermal energy. The knock-on effect of this, in case you didn’t already know, is that you will be able to save large amounts of money during the colder months. No longer will you be forced to leave the heating on throughout the day. 

Stunning Appearance

Though this can be attributed to most window models, there is no denying that the rustic appearance of timber windows is easily one of the biggest selling points of these types of products. For those of you that are trying to put a traditional element into your new-build, there are few better ways to do this than with timber frames. Alternatively, if you reside in a period property, you may discover that these are a distinctive upgrade on your existing models.

Incredibly Strong

A big concern amongst homeowners, when the time eventually comes to replace their windows, is that they do not want to find themselves in the same position a few months down the line. Thankfully, this is not an obstacle that you will be faced with when you decide to invest in wooden windows. As you would expect, these are products that are imbued with strength and durability, highly desirable traits which you do not want to miss out on. Some models have demonstrated the capability to last up to sixty years, ensuring that they are wholly-deserving of their cost-effective reputation.

Creative License

Should you find a supplier that truly cares about your satisfaction, you may be given the opportunity to inject your ideas in the design process. This will allow you, unlike with other materials, to allow your personality to shine through your timber windows. Whether you are someone that appreciates complex and intricate carvings, or prefer to try and be bold to make a statement, there is room for your particular flair to be made clear to the world.

Looking for more information?

When it comes to sourcing wooden windows for sale in the UK, you may be surprised to learn that there is somewhat of an abundance of retailers that you can choose from. In this instance, you need to try and determine which has high-quality products throughout their collection, as well as where you can find the best competitive price. In regards to both of these, the answer is simple – entrust your needs to Premier Windows. 


Within our catalogue, you can find wooden windows and doors that are simply incredible. You will also be glad to learn that, as a minimum, we use double-glazed panes for our products. Interested in taking the first step towards acquiring top-of-the-range units from us? If so, your best bet is to either submit a completed enquiry form, or give us a call directly on 020 8683 4446.