Should You Use Timber For Your Windows And Doors?


When you start to look at the windows and doors that are usually offered by top-tier retailers, there are two materials that usually come to the fore. Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with uPVC, here at Premier Windows we are firm advocates that when you want to achieve a first-class finish, nothing beats timber. This is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of different ways to great effect, and you can learn more about this by continuing your reading down below. We hope that our words of wisdom help you to understand why these types of products are so highly-coveted.


Strong Entrance


In case you hadn’t noticed, crime rates across the country have continued to rise since the turn of the century; as such, you would be wise to try and upgrade the security of your property. One of the best ways in which to make this a reality is to use factory-finished timber doors. As far as durability goes, few other options on the market can come close to competing with the strength that these products offer. As a result, you can go to bed at night safe in the knowledge that you are protected from the efforts of criminals and other ill-intentioned individuals.


Long-Lasting Products

Regardless of if you opt for timber doors, or you believe that wooden sash windows are the way forward, there is a common benefit which is shared by both. Once they are installed, they can serve your property well for years to come. Provided that they have been treated with multi-layer varnish, there is nothing stopping them from being able to last a significantly long time. The knock-on effect that this has is that you won’t have to concern yourself about sourcing replacements anytime in the near future.


Money-Saving Investment

For those of you that live in a period property, you might have already noticed that in terms of energy efficiency, your home is somewhat lacking in this department. Should you be trying to find a way in which to put this particular problem to bed, you might want to take a closer look at replacement timber sash windows that feature double-glazed panes. The reason for this is that this can offer supplementary insulation, thereby ensuring that your heating bills do not routinely sky-rocket when the outside temperature begins to drop. 


High-Quality Visuals

Naturally, you will be looking into ways that you can make your property more visually-appealing to look at; you can be rest-assured that sustainably-sourced timber windows and doors can help you to achieve this desired effect. There is a reason that, for centuries, timber has routinely been found at high-end British homes. This is a material that is consistently on the receiving end of praise relating to its aesthetics, and you would do well to take this into account whilst looking to go down the route of investing in home improvements.


A Brief Introduction

Whilst you might not realise it, there is a firm that possesses both timber sash windows and wooden entrance doors, and can subsequently offer them to you at competitive rates. The name of this company, for those of you that are interested, is Premier Windows. With everything from traditional casement windows to units that can be installed in listed buildings and conservation areas, we should have no-trouble in putting a smile on your face. Have a couple of questions that you would like to have addressed prior to purchasing any of the aforementioned products? If so, it could be worthwhile giving us a call on 020 8683 4446 – our representatives will gladly assist you in any way that they can.